Al's Place Committee for a Scott Bakula Star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

According to the official rules concerning the nomination of an individual to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, anyone, including a fan, can nominate a celebrity as long as the celebrity or his/her management is in agreement with the nomination. If there is no letter of agreement included from the celebrity or his/her representative, the committee will not accept the application.

I sent a letter to Scott Bakula on March 5th, 2004 detailing our nomination for his own star and am awaiting a response. As soon as Mr. Bakula or his management returns the request with an endorsement, we can proceed with a collection of funds for the ceremony.

Stars are voted in once a year in June. An average of 20 stars are selected per year. The recipient has up to five years to schedule their ceremony. If it is not done within the five-year period, it will expire and an application must be resubmitted.

The Walk of Fame ceremony costs $15,000.00

My initial idea is to accept donations in the amount of $5 or more. For every $5 donated, a $0.50 donation would be made in the name of Al's Place Quantum Leap Fan Site to a charity of Scott's choosing at the close of . The names of each person donating to this cause would be permanently posted on this website as contributors. Therefore, we would need to raise a grand total of $16,500.00 with $1,500.00 of that being donated to the charity.

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY NOW. We must await a response from Mr. Bakula before we can proceed. I will be looking into how to set up a bank savings account so that everyone interested in this cause may make the donation directly into that account if that is possible.

More information will be made available as soon as we get a response from Scott Bakula! For now, visit our messageboard to make suggestions and discuss this monumental undertaking!

Update: There is a possibility, as I have learned recently, that Scott may not wish to have a star at this time in his career. If that is the case, then we will honor his wishes and discontinue this campaign. As of December 5th, 2005, Scott has not responded to our campaign.

Page last updated: December 05, 2005

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