Leap Date:

February 28, 1979

Episode Adopted By: Rindi
Additional Info Provided By: A7MAD and Mary Lea


In a very strange and creepy episode, Sam finds himself in the life of a homicide detective investigating a horrible murder involving the removal of the victim's heart. He begins to have flashbacks he can't understand, and once he meets the victim's psychiatrist he drifts into a dark place to find the meaning behind the visions.


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Malibu, California


Leap Date:

February 28, 1979


Name of Person Leaped Into:

Lt. Jack Stone



Theme: Mike Post

Music: Velton Ray Bunch


Project Trivia: There is no imaging chamber door the second time Al comes to Sam.


Sam Trivia:

(1) Sam sees himself dead in two of the flash blacks not Jack Stone.

(2) Sam doesn’t know how to jimmy a lock.

(3) Sam remembers when Al and he simo-leaped (why doesn’t he remember Donna?)


Al Trivia:

(1) Al appears seven different times and each time he has a cigar.

(2) Al scares Sam the second time he comes to see him.

(3) In Dr. Cranes office Al tells Sam that he is the killer. Al says "You are", but the words don’t exactly match his lips in this scene.


Miscellaneous Trivia:

(1) In the first image of Jack Stone he has a thick dark mustache whereas in the second image we see, his mustache is thinner and he just looks unshaven, and these two images are on the same day. (2) Dr. Crane tells Sam about Peter Decaro and his wife and why they came to see him. This is a violation of Dr./patient confidentiality and doctors would not divulge this information without a supine.

If you watch when Sam wakes in the night, and is scared by his reflection in the mirror... look down to the bottom of the mirror. You'll see an actor (probably Dean) crouched down low, jumping out of shot. No wonder Sam is freaked!

Al says that Stone was ten when his mother died, but Sam in hypnosis states that he was "nine years old." (Maybe Al got it wrong because Jack was a few weeks short of ten... it doesn't matter, but still a thought. My son suggests that the figure jumping in the mirror is something creepy that's chasing Sam through time and space - that's what you get for watching the show with an imaginative twelve year old.)


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:

1st appearance: Al was wearing a blue button up shirt, a blue white and pink tie, a vest with blue and pink and yellow triangles, a gold broach on the left breast side, and maroon jeans with a belt with a gold rectangular buckle. His shoes could not be seen.

2nd appearance: Same outfit as #1.

3rd appearance: Same outfit as #1.

4th appearance: Al was wearing a white pin stripped jacket with a rectangular cloth with three white squares on it on the left breast pocket and a tan strip along collar, a brown and black and tan speckled button up shirt, a metallic red tie, and white pants. His shoes could not be seen.

5th appearance: Same outfit as #4.

6th appearance: Al was wearing a metallic gold jacket with a black and silver snake skin pattern from the collar and shoulders to the back of the jacket, an orange and black button up shirt with the color spread like fire and a black collar with three white dots on each side, a tie with tan and black diagonal stripes, a pair of orange pants and black dress shoes.

7th appearance: Same outfit as #6.



Deborah Pratt



Anita Addison



Co-Executive: Deborah Pratt

Co-Executive: Michael Zinberg

Supervising: Harker Wade


Awards: Emmy Nominations: Scott Bakula, Michael Watkins, ASC ASC Award Nomination: Michael Watkins, ASC


Broadcast Date:

November 13, 1991


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci


Guest Stars:

Joycelyn O’Brien as Pamela Roselli

Alan Scarfe as Dr. Mason Crane

Bill Marcus as Captain Vincent



Tim Ahern as Peter Decaro

Noley Thornton as Lea Decaro

Michael Patrick Carter as P.J. Decaro

Anthony Pena as Officer Talbot



Wycliffe Young as coroner

David Gene Garrison as Jack Stone/mirror


Guest Star Cast Notes:

Joycelyn O’Brien, Alan Scarfe, and Noley Thorton all guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

JOYCELYN O’BRIEN has guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation: Allegiance (1990). She has also acted in the play "Aristocrats" (1989-1990) with John Larroquette.

ALAN SCARFE has guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation: Data's Day (1991), Birthright (2) (1993) as well as Star Trek: Voyager: Resistance (1995). He acted in the play The Screaming Woman (1986) and The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone (1989). He was also in Iron Eagle II with Mel Gibson (1988), Double Impact with Jean Claude Van Damme (1991), and Lethal Weapon 3 with Mel Gibson (1992).

BILL MARCUS has costarred in Die Hard with Bruce Willis (1988), Blind Date also with Bruce Willis (1987) and Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman (1997).

NOLEY THORTON guest starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shadowplay (1994), and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Imaginary Friend (1992).

MICHAEL PATRICK CARTER who is sometimes credited as M.P. Carter started his acting career on the show Paradise (1988). He also starred in Milk Money (1994) with Melanie Griffith and Ed Harris. He was nominated in 1989, 1990, and 1991 for The Young Artist Award Best Young Actor under Nine Years of Age for: "Paradise" (1988).

ANTHONY PENA has also appeared in the movies Born On the Fourth of July (1989), Backtrack, with Dennis Hopper and Jodie Foster. He is currently on Young and The Restless (1984-present).

WYCLIFFE YOUNG – no other credits found

DAVID Gene GARRISON (II) – no other credits found   


Personal Review:

This is one of my favorite episodes. I love the scary and mysterious murder episodes and this one definitely falls under these categories. This episode makes you think and makes your mind spin. It gave me the chills and made me look over my shoulder when it was over. This is truly one of those episodes you can watch over and over.


Best Line:

"I’m scared Al. I’m scared and confused and I feel like I’m loosing my mind. I don’t want to die Al." --Sam


Best Scene:

The best scene in this episode is in the beginning when Sam sees himself die instead of Lt. Jack Stone. You see Sam flashback in black and white, opening the door to the autopsy room with bright white light and he sees himself, eyes wide open, blood on his face and in his mouth.


Say What?

Al does not remember when he and Sam simo-leaped, but he remembers later in the Lee Harvey Oswald episodes. How does he remember later in his life rather than sooner?

Answer by A7MAD: Al does remember when they simo leaped, however if you look on Als face (his face expression) you see he lied to Sam here because one would assume Al fears Sam remebering more things about when they simo-leaped EG. that he is married to Donna and that would stop Sam from doing some of the things he does for the sake of his mission.
You may find Al states he remembers with the Lee Harvey Oswald episode because of the context and situation surrounding them at that point in time. We also see that only after a short amount of time when the two simo-leaped, Sam started recalling everything in his life including Donna.


Quotable Quotes:

"At the heart of every mystery lies a question." --Sam

"That was her problem. She couldn’t give her heart. So I took it. It was the only way I could really help her." --Dr. Crane

"In all my years of leaping I can’t remember feeling so unprepared for what was ahead of me and yet seeing those two kids and finding there mother I felt this rage inside me like someone or something else was making me go forward and all I could hope for was that what ever was driving me would let me know what to do with a cold blooded killer." --Sam

"Holy Macaral." --Al

"What channel are you tuned into? Aww Gees Louise!" --Al

"I’m waiting to see if your heads gonna spin around." --Al

"…What did he eat for lunch?" --Sam "Or who." –Pamela Roselli

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