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Fifth Season 1993
  1. Lee Harvey Oswald
  2. Leaping of The Shrew
  3. Nowhere to Run
  4. Killin' Time
  5. Star Light, Star Bright
  6. Evil Leaper I: Deliver Us From Evil
  7. Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart
  8. Trilogy Part II: For Your Love
  9. Trilogy Part III: The Last Door
  10. Promised Land
  11. A Tale of Two Sweeties
  12. Liberation
  13. Dr. Ruth
  14. Blood Moon
  15. Evil Leaper II: Return
  16. Evil Leaper III: Revenge
  17. Good-Bye Norma Jean
  18. The Beast Within
  19. The Leap Between The States
  20. Memphis Melody
  21. Mirror Image