"The Great Spontini"

Leap Date:

November 9, 1974

Episode Adopted by: Janna Galaxy


As a traveling amateur magician raising a daughter alone, Sam must find a way to keep the daughter from being taken by her mother when she returns three years after abandoning the family. In order to do that, Sam has to perform a deadly magic trick in order to get the money he needs to buy a permanent home for them. But when his daughter attempts the trick in desperation, it may mean the end of her life.


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Date: - May 9th, 1974

Broadcast Date: - November 16, 1990

Writers: - Cristy Dawson & Beverly Bridges

Director: - James Whitmore, JR.

Name of person Sam has leaped into: - Harry Spontini


Sam as to prevent Harry losing his daughter, Jamie, in a custody battle when his estranged wife, Maggie, turns up after three years, wanting a divorce so she can marry her fiancÚ (slime bag) Steve Slater, who is also her lawyer.

Sam tries his hardest to show that Harry is a good parent but a faulty handlink is not much help in these matters. He also believes that Maggie still loves Harry.

While Sam and Maggie are at the custody hearing, Jamie tries out the Table of Death. The Table of Death is a trick that her and her father have been trying to master so that they can get to appear on TV and win enough money for a magic shop so that they can settle down and stop living on the road. But The Table of Death has got its name from that people have died on it whist performing the illusion and it is also going to kill Jamie.

Al tells Sam what is happening and what is going to happen to Jamie. Sam and Maggie arrive in time to save Jamie.

Back at the hearing Steve tries to put all the blame of what happened to Sam/Harry not being a fit parent. Maggie blames herself as Jamie was in her care at the time. Steve tells her she is making a mistake, but Maggie gives back the ring. Steve leaves. After Sam made it possible Harry and Maggie got back together a year later on that very day. Maggie also finds a magic shop for Harry.


"Divorces are all ways hardest on children." Says Al

"Your Suppose to wear it, not drink it!" Says Jamie to Sam has he smells of Aquafelver (sorry about my spelling)

Al Trivia

- Al was in a custody battle with his 4th (but says 3rd) wife Sharon over their dog Chester. Sharon won.
- While in the orphanage Al was nicknamed Al the pick.
- Al was upset that Tina had gone to visit her mother and he does have his "needs"
- Al says that he got a lot of hickeys because he wore Auqafelver.

Al's appearances:

Sam nearly dropped the bottle when Al suddenly appeared. The only time in the episode that Al scared Sam.

Say What?

Abit of a blooper was made in this episode. Al says that he was in a custody battle with his 3rd wife. Al's third wife was of course Ruthie but Al says it was Sharon. Sharon was Al's fourth wife. Oops!

Personal Review

I thought that this episode was good. It showed what a child goes through when their parents divorce. What a child feels when a parent turns up out of the blue after a couple of years. It also shows some deep bonds that some children can make with their parents. I like the way that Sam mentioned about Al's mother instead of Al saying about it. Al proberly never mentioned it because it proberly hurts but he would never let anyone know that, hime being the tough man he is.

Best Scene

When the handlink died! Very memorable!

Guest cast - Amy Steel, Erich Anderson, Lauren Woodland and Micheal Fairman.

Maggie Spontini. played by Amy Steel

According to IMDB.com Amy's acting carrer started in 1973. She temporarily left the theatre to further pursue her academic career at the prestigious Kent school in Kent, Conneticut. After three years at Kent, Amy left to attend a small college in Palm Beach, Florida where she majored in communications and broadcasting. Amy's acting carrer is very long so, I'll just give you a few:-

Amy has appeared in JAG, Don Bellisarios's post Quantum Leap series Cmdr. Samantha Woodling in the episode "Promises". Also she has appeared in Chiago Hope, Dianosis Murder, American Gothic, Home Improvement and The Friday the 13th films.

Steve Slater played by Erich Anderson

Erich like Amy has also got quite a few acting credits. He has appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation as Commander Kieran MacDuff in the episode "Conumdrum" He has also appeared in Melrose Place, The Outer Limits, 7th Heaven and Touched By An Angel.

Jamie Spontini played by Lauren Woodland

Lauren has appeared in L.A Law, Brooklyn Bridge (serval times), Brotherly Love, Encore! Encore!and Seven Days.

Judge Mulhearn played by Micheal Fairman

Wow! Micheal has a very very long of credits to his name! Incredible.

Michael Fairman is a veteran of film, stage and television. In his forty-plus year career, he has portrayed Adlai Stevenson in the political thriller, Thirteen Days (2000) starring Kevin Costner, was featured in 'David Lynch's' Academy Award nominated Mulholland Dr. (2001), played 'Ben Affleck's' father in Dreamworks' Forces of Nature (1999). This versatile actor can be seen regularly on television - having guest star appearances on popular shows such as "ER" (1994), "Practice, The" (1997), _"X-Files, The" (1993)_ , _"Boston Public" (2000_ , "Family Law" (1999) and "Dharma & Greg" (1997) to name just a few.

He started out his career as a navigator in the U.S. Air Force. While stationed at Tachikawa Air Force Base near Tokyo, he joined a theater group and he has been acting ever since. After the Air Force, Michael enrolled in the Dramatic Arts Department of New York University. Beginning with Oedipus in Sophocles' 'Oedipus Rex', Michael played leads throughout college, including a series of classical roles at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. He has played everything from Stanley Kowalski in 'A Streetcar Named Desire', Pozzo in 'Waiting for Godot' to his critically acclaimed 'The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail' and was in numerous productions off-Broadway.

This extensive stage experience led Michael to numerous recurring roles in such hit TV shows as "L.A. Law" (1986), "Hill Street Blues" (1981) and "Cagney & Lacey" (1982) and extended runs on the soap operas "General Hospital" (1963), "Ryan's Hope" (1975) and "Love of Life" (1951). A very interesting life!

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