"Her Charm"

Leap Date:

September 6, 1973

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL


As an F.B.I. agent protecting a very annoying yet beautiful woman (Dana), Sam must protect her from being killed by a jealous criminal, Nick, who will stop at nothing. However, there is an inside man tipping Nick off to the whereabouts of Dana. But who is it?


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Her Charm

(ep 2.15 / #65416)

Sam leaps in ringing a doorbell with a woman’s voice on the other side yelling at him. He says to him self, "My 1st guess is I’m not here for a date". He is Peter Langley, a bumbling FBI agent that must protect the rude and pushy Dana Berenger, a witness targeted for death by her ex-boss, who is in the "import-export" business.

Dana is obnoxious towards Sam from the beginning. "All Right! All Right! Just hold on to your pants!" She yells out from the other side of the door. And when she opens it she says, "Oh no not you!" and Sam starts to say, "I think …" Dana says, "Don’t think, it’ll just get us in trouble". Then in the car she says, "Peter! You’re not that cute. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that men aren’t suppose to be that vain?" It gets worse from there. The insults never end.

Nick Kochifos hired Dana as his personal secretary not knowing that she was a "goodie-two-shoes" and saw too much of his operation. She went to the Justice Department and told them what was going on. Andy, Nick’s brother, thinks he is obsessing with the thought that he has to kill Dana. He turns out to be right.


Place: Boston / Brookshire’s, Maryland, USA 

Air Date: February 7, 1990

Leap Date: September 26, 1973 / Wednesday

Leapee: Peter Langley – "FBI Agent"


Personal Review:
This is a funny episode if you watch how Dana is always tormenting Sam. Al, in his own way, picks on Sam too. But he is always there to help him. It has some pretty footage of the lake by the Professor’s cabin and some pretty scenery of the trip there. Though I’m not sure it was really shot in that State. This is not one of my favorite QL episodes but I still like it, as I do all of them.


Show Music & Songs:
~QL~ Music by: Mike Post


Best Scene:
Sam and Dana get to the cabin and Dana asks Sam when the last time he was there.

Sam says, "The summer of 1973."

Dana says, "This summer?"

Sam says, "What am I sayin’ ‘73! Oh no … um … ’53 … ha ha … August … ha ha … August of ’53 … that was nearly 20 years ago. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was."

Dana says, "It is beautiful." They look at each other and start to kiss. "No … don’t even think about it. It’s no good for us … don’t even think about it." She goes inside the cabin, "I can’t find the light! Don’t tell me there’s not any lights! You brought me up here to a cabin to get murdered with out electricity?"

Sam goes inside and turns on a lamp, "See … light to shoot you by!"

Dana says, "If I don’t freeze to death first!"

Sam says, "I’ll light a fire."

Dana says, "Or starve!"

Sam says, "Look! You want to eat or be warm?"

Dana says, "Both! You start the fire and I’ll go find something to eat … I’ll probably have to go kill a bear or something …" Walking into the kitchen babbling all the way.

Sam says under his breath, "With any luck the bear will kill her."

Dana says, "Is there a light switch in here?"

Sam says, "Next to the door."

Dana says, "Oh … just a wealth of delicacies … what’s this here … no food here you know! Lots of pots! Who were the last people to be here anyway … Well what did you think we were gonna live on up here anyway? I bet you … no take-out comes this far!"

Sam is striking a match to light the fire and you hear chimes as Al enters.

Al says, "Hummm … isn’t this romantic."

Sam says, "How long have you been here?"

Al says, "Ah … long enough to see your glass pass to fall short of the goal line."

Sam says, "Why haven’t" Shaking his hand as the match burns his fingers. "Why haven’t I leaped?"

Al says, "You haven’t saved her yet."

Sam says, "The deadline passed hours ago."

Al says, "New deadline." Punching the keys on the hand link. "Now she dies at four eighteen in the morning. On a bridge near here."

Sam says pointing in the direction of the door and outside, "On a bridge near here! AL! You said she died on the way to Baltimore!"

Dana is standing behind a room divider watching and listening to Sam talk to Al.

Al continues, "That was before you changed history and brought her here. Now … each time you save Dana, the time and place of her death changes … and that’s gonna continue to be that way until either Nick is dead or …"

Sam says, "She is …"

Walking towards Sam and handing him the tin of sardines, Dana says, "You should really try breaking that habit, otherwise people who don’t know you … will think you’re loony tunes! Dinner is served. Seems all your professor friend had in his larder were … little hairy fish."

Al says, "You know even though she doesn’t die this morning, doesn’t mean that Nick … didn’t catch up with her before that." He retreats backwards into the imaging chamber and closes the door with the hand link.

Sam holding the tin making a face and Dana says, "You hate my cooking."

Sam says, "No … I’m not hungry."


Worst Scene:
Dana is throwing out the laundry bags at Nick’s car. It looks like they are rather light too. Andy is swerving to avoid hitting them. But when he does run over a couple of then he looses control of the car and they swerve off the road. Either he couldn’t drive or there was something other than clothes in the bags. Donald could have devised another way to get the car out of control. For instance, having an oncoming car heading toward them and that would have been believable to why the car swerved off the road.


Kiss With History:
Sam and Dana get to the cabin and Dana asks Sam when the last time he was there.

Sam says, "The summer of 1973."

Dana says, "This summer?"

Sam says, "What am I sayin’ ‘73! Oh no … um … ’53 … ha ha … August … ha ha … August of ’53 … that was nearly 20 years ago. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was."


Project Trivia:
The Imaging Chamber Door is seen once.

The hand link is a thin piece of plastic with a 3 gold strips on the back and red and green flashing lights on the front. It is contoured to fit Al’s hand.

Ziggy is not called a he or she in this episode.

Al gets on an elevator, walks up a hill and doesn’t use the hand link to reposition himself.

Sam Trivia:
We find out that Sam use to live in Boston when he went to MIT.

Finished 4 years of MIT in two.

Youngest person to graduate Suma Cum Laude and must have had a GPA of 3.9 to 4.0.

Professor LoNigro and Sam came up with the String Theory at the professor’s cabin in the Brookshire’s.


Sam’s Best Scene:
Sam and Dana go to move the truck closer to the cabin:

Dana says, "You can’t even start an engine?"

Sam says, "YES! YES! I can …"

Dana says, "Oh great, that’s great you stalled it! … Where you going?"

Sam says, "I’m going out to check on the engine!"

Dana says, "They probably cut the wire and as soon as you step out there, they’re going to hit you over the head!"

Sam says, "If they cut the wire it wouldn’t have started and if they were out there … never mind!" He gets out and hands her the gun. "When they hit me on the head SHOOT ‘EM!" Sam gets out and lifts up the hood and sighs.

Dana looks at the gauge and turns the key on and taps the gas gauge window with the butt of the gun and the needle goes from half to empty. She gets out of the truck and stands there not saying anything.

This startles Sam and he hits his head on the lifted hood and says, "You’re worse than Al!"

Dana says, "We are out of gas!"

Sam says, "We have half a tank!"

Dana says, "We had a stuck gas gauge!"

Sam says, "Well how was I supposed to know we had a stuck …" Dana tosses the gun to him and he fumbles to catch it and falls in the stream.

Dana looks up to the heavens and says, "Why me?"


Sam’s Best Lines:
Dana says, "One step closer and, and I’ll jump! Ah hell, that’s what you want me to do anyway."

Sam says, "Dana I don’t want you to die."

Al says, "Sam! They had to have heard that scream."

Sam says, "Go back down the trail and warn me when they’re coming."

Al says, "How’s yer … how’s your head?"

Sam says, "It’s all right! Just go!"

Dana says, "You don’t talk to yourself. You talk to an imaginary playmate."

Sam says, "Dana …"

Dana says, "Stay back! Stay back!"

Sam says, "Ok … ok … I’m not going to shoot you. Pete might … or he might turn you over to Nick. But … I’m not Pete."

Dana says, "You’re not Pete?

Sam says, "Not really …"

Al says, "Here they come Sam!"

Sam says, "Look … my friend … the, the one you can’t see … just told me Nicks coming up the trail. There’s only one way for you to get out of this thing alive and you gotta believe me. You gotta trust me … PLEASE. It’s ok … it’s gonna be ok …"

Al says, "Sam, they’re here!"


Al Trivia:
Seems that in this episode, Al is the one talking to himself … lol … instead of Sam.

Al’s Best Scene:
Al says, "She’s over here Sam!" Everybody is running around looking for each other. Al is following Dana and finds her sitting by a tree. "Ah … poor kid. Sam! Ah … follow my voice … the trail leads right up to the ridge. She’s been hit Sam! Doesn’t look too bad if the bleeding stopped though." Al is still talking and waving his arms around, holding the hand link. "Sam … I know you can’t answer me, so I’ll just keep talking ‘till you find us. OH! … There you are … come on she’s right up here Sam! She’s just tuckered out I think, she ran out of spunk, can’t blame her." Sam gets to the tree and she’s not there. She comes around from the other side with a stick and hits Sam over the head. She keeps running up the trail and Al continues, "Maybe she didn’t run out of spunk." Sam gets up and looks around. Al points saying, "Here … come on."


Al’s Best Lines:
Al says, "Sam you’re ignoring me! Why are you ignoring me? Sam! Read my lips … she dies on the way to Baltimore! Ahhh … HELLO! HELLO! You’re the one who’s suppose to be talking to him self all the time, not me! Are we maintaining any audio or visual contact?" (Waving his hands in front of Sam’s face)

Sam says, "Al! I heard every word you said."

Al says, "So!"

Sam says, "So … I’m trying to get some information from him, but this ‘ranting’ person is breaking my concentration!"

Al says, "RANTING!"

Sam says, "Yes … RANTING!"



Al’s Outfits:
1) Blue & white pin stripe shirt, Black pants, Long cream colored over coat (from ep2.17 "GNDH"), Thin rust colored tie, Red satin vest, Red hat w/Black band (from ep1.3 "RHOG").

Miscellaneous Trivia:

Al had a cigar in every scene.

Al popped in and out 3 times. The third time he is there for the remainder of the episode.

September is the third most leaped into month, 12 times. November being the second with 13 times, June and October each have14.


Quotable Quotes:
Sam says, "If you’re going to sneak up on me, at least you could have the decency to reflect in the mirror".

Al says, "I don’t reflect. I’m a hologram".


Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:
René Assa as Andy Kochifos

Teri Austin as Dana Barrenger

Stanley Brock as Richardson

James Hardie as Professor Sebastian LoNigro

Mark Harigian as Peter Langly [mirror]

John Shepherd (I) as Thomas (I have the Sc-Fi re-aired version & on my tape he is not shown. But he may have been in the original aired show.)

John Snyder (I) as Nick Kochifos


Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Music By: Mike Post

Supervising Producer: Deborah Pratt

Co-Producers: Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson & Chris Ruppenthal

Produced By: Harker Wade

Teleplay By: Deborah Pratt & Donald P Bellisario

Story By: Paul M Belous, Robert Wolterstroff, Deborah Pratt and Donald P Bellisario

Directed By: Christopher T Welch

Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky

Set Decoration: Robert L Zilliox

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisor: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Contributing Musical Composers: Velton Ray Bunch & Jerry Grant

Music Editor: Tom Gleason

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay

Production Management: Ronald R Grow

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision




Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:
Stanley Brock {as Richardson}: born: July 7, 1931 in Brooklyn, NY & died: January 25, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA. of a heart attack.

He was in "Life Stinks" (1991) w/ Teddy Wilson (who was in ep2.18 "Pool Hall Blues" & in ep3.9 "Rebel Without A Clue").

Stanley was in "Black Like Me" (1964) w/ James Whitmore. James’ son, James Whitmore, Jr. directed, "Piano Man" (ep. 3.15), two episodes of JAG (1995). One was in the 6th season #120 "Touch and Go" & the other was in the 7th season #140 "Redemption". James Jr. also directed one Enterprise (2001) ep1.19 "Acquisition", one First Monday (2002) ep1.5 "Family Affairs" w/ Dean Stockwell.

James Whitmore, Jr. also played in three ~QL~ episodes, "8 ˝ Months" (ep 3.12 as Bob Crocket), "Trilogy: Part 1" (ep.5.8 as Clayton Fuller – mirror), "Mirror Image" (ep 5.22 as Police Captain – uncredited).

John Shepherd (as Thomas, but not shown in my copy) played in "Banzai Runner" (1987) with Dean Stockwell as Billy Baxter and John Shepherd as his brother Beck Baxter.

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