"How the Tess Was Won"

Leap Date:

August 5, 1956

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL


This time he's a texas veterinarian face to face with pigs and horses and a beautiful woman, of course, named Tess. Why is he there? Maybe to get the guy he leaped into, Doc Young, together with the little lady.

However, she's a tomboy and challenges Sam to outrope, outdrink, and basically out-cowboy her in order to get her hand in marriage...and 50,000 acres of her land.

And what is that guitar-playing boy's name anyway?


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How The Tess Was Won

(ep 1.5 / #65004)


Sam leaps into a country vet and is challenged to a ropin/bronk ridin/drinkin/card playin/post hole diggin contest with Tess, an heiress to a cattle ranch on 50,000 acres of land in Texas. Sam makes a new friend ... HER name is "Piggie" & there's a dog named "Pard" and a boy named "Buddy". Doc's rival for Tess is named "Wayne".

Tess requires that when she weds, it is to the one who is worthy of her hand in marriage. He has to be a "Man" who she can call her equal and he will share in her wealth.

Al has his own troubles! He can't seem to keep his mind on his work as he is trying to keep tabs on Tina. As well as keep Sam with up to date information on the leap.

I like this one, but it's not my favorite. I think Scott had fun doing it though. Because he got to be out in the fresh air, with animals and do some horseback riding. I believe he likes to do that, he's very physical and athletic. Dean didn't have that many lines so I'm sure he liked that !!! This gave him more time to play golf. His favorite thing to do!!!    :-)

Air Date: April 14, 1989

Leap date: August 5, 1956

Leapee: Dr Daniel Young, DVM


Show Music & Songs:

Buddy playing guitar on steps

QL Piano music by: Mike Post

"Cold, Cold Heart" sung by: Hank Williams

"Peggy Sue" written by: Buddy Holly, Norman Petty & Jerry Allison. Performed by: Scott Fults


Best Scene: The sun is setting and all you see is a silhouette of a hill with five riders cantering on their horses. There is a flock of birds that are startled and they all fly up together over the riders.

This scene is used in the opening sequence at the start of each show, through all five seasons.


Worst Scene: This is at the time of Sam leaping out of previous leapee and leaping into present leapee. The camera shot is from above and he is holding a pig in the air like an offering to the heavens.


Kiss With History: In 1956 there was no such thing as "women's lib"

Tess says, "I don't need no help!"

Sam says, "Oh ... women's lib is gonna love you!"

Tess says, "What's that?"

Sam says, "Something on the horizon, like that storm."


Project Trivia: Al has to walk to the IC door and manually open and close it.

You hear a chime when Al enters or walks through things.

The hand link is smoke color and see-through w/lights that blink through on the back.

Ziggy is called a he in this episode.

MI has glasses on but Sam doesn't, when he looks in the mirror.


Sam Trivia: Al says, "Oh it's 1956 ... " Sam says, "I was just a baby and my sister Kate isn't even born yet. Who's president, Eisenhower?"


Sam's Best Line: Sam says, "Tina's cheeting on you?" Al says, "Can you believe it?" Sam says, "It boggles the mind!"


Al Trivia: This is where we find out that animals can see AL as a hologram.

He walks down the front porch steps and casts a shadow.


Al's Best Line: Al says, "Don't fight it Sam, you're here to marry this cowboy, ah boy-girl, cowgirl ... GIRL!"


Al's Outfits:

1) Black jacket & slacks, black & white print shirt, black tie w/white poka dots & on left lapel a silver pin.

2) Blue silky shirt, multi color thread tweed jacket w/Air Force Wings on left lapel, bright yellow pants and wearing white tennis shoes.

3) Black silky shirt w/olive green & red brushed design on front and back, white pants w/olive green belt and wearing camel colored loafers.

Lucille and he, slipped off into the energizing chamber at the Christmas party to exchange gifts.

Tina and Al met over a poker table in Vegas. "I had a flush, she had a pair. OH what a pair! She ran out on me Sam. She took my 2nd most favorite organ and stomped it to death with her four inched spiked heel."

Al says, "Oh well, almost all animals can see me. But you know, there must be something weird lookin' about me, because I seem to intimidate them."

Sam says, "Maybe it's your clothes."


Al popped in and out four times and the last time Sam held open the front door for him.

Al only had one cigar, this was in the 1st scene and it was half smoked.

The prologue sequence, narrated by series writer Deborah Pratt, was first used in the series' second season. This prologue sequence, altered in the beginning of season 4 to feature the exterior scene of PQL and its interior, replaced the original prologue from the show's spring 1989 episode, narrated by Scott Bakula, in syndication repeats.

Scott Bakula as Dr Samual Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci


Tommy Bush as Orly

Sloan Fischer as Dr Daniel Young [mirror]

Scott Fults as Buddy Holly

Lance LeGault as Chance McGill

Kari Lizer as Tess McGill

Marshall R Teague as Wayne


Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Associate Producers: David Bellisario & Jeff Gourson

Director of Photography: Roy H Wagner  a.s.c.

Art Director: Cameron Birnie

Edited By: Alan Shefland

Unit Production Manager: Paul Cajero

1st Assistant Director: Tom Connors

2nd Assistant Director: Roberto Villar

Casting By: Melissa Skoff c.s.a.

Set Director: Robert L Zilliox

Executive Story Consultant: Deborah Arakelian

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Music By: Mike Post

Supervising Producer: John Hill

Co-Producer: Deborah Pratt

Produced By: Harker Wade

Directed By: Ivan Dixon

Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer: Ronald L Collins

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Casting Associate: Debi Manwiller

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Sound Editor: Sam Gemette

Music Editor: Susan Mick



Miscellaneous Trivia For Crew: The director for this episode is Ivan Dixon who use to be in the tv show "Hogan's Heroes." He played Sergeant James Kinchloe.