Leap Date:

May 11, 1955

Episode Adopted by: Becky


When Sam leaps into a newly inducted member of the Ku Klux Klan, he must find a way to prevent the lynching of a black community activist. But due to his moral upbringing, it becomes very difficult to act like the person he has leaped into to avoid his own lynching.


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Place: Alabama

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Clyde

Leap Date: May 11, 1965

Broadcast Date: October 9, 1991


Songs/Music: "Go Tell It On The Mountain"


Sam Trivia:
Sam’s parents taught to fight against people like the Klu Klux Klan when he was a kid. Sam said this is the most confused person he has ever leaped into. Sam’s parents were farmers, simple people that cared about their families and each other. Sam doesn’t have very good aim with a rifle. Sam remembers that little kids can see Al.


Al Trivia:
In this episode Al blows smoke, from his cigar, into the KKK leader’s face. You can see the smoke, even though Al is not touching it, so supposedly you should not see it.


Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al only uses the imaging chamber twice in this episode. Al appears ten times, on the other hand.


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
A green hat, with a creamy pin striped blazer and a green dress shirt and a green thin tie with a diamond shaped green tie clip.


Writers: Toni Graphia

Director: Rob Bowman

Producers: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal, Paul Brown.


Regular Cast: Scott Backula, Dean Stockwell


Guest Stars:
Dirk Blocker-Tom, Fran Bennet-Ada Simpson, Glenn Morshower-Frady, Jacob Gelman-Mr.Thomson, Lee Weaver-Cody, Lisa Waltz-Lilly, Michael Beach-Nathaniel Simpson, Noble Willingham-Gene/Grand Dragon, Steve Blackwood-Leon, Charlie Holiday-Sheriff Otis, Michael Craig Patterson-Jim, Glenn Edden-Clyde/Mirror, Jullian Roy Doster-1st, Ashley Woolfolk-2nd child, Jesshaye Callier-3rd child.


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes: Fran Bennett appeared in Trilogy Part I, Part II, Part III as Marie Billings.


Best Line:
"Worms, yeah, worms, I could never stand worms even if I was using them for bait."


Best Scene:
When Al goes to the church and all the little kids can see him and can talk to him:

"That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, they’re kids, God bless the children."

"There’s a ghost!

It’s not a ghost, it’s an angel.

No way not with those clothes."

"It’s the Lord,


No, No, No, No I’m not the Lord.

It’s Abraham Lincoln!

No it’s not he has a beard.

That’s some crazy white man."

"Listen, I may be crazy but you got to tell the big ones that you got to get out of the church, out of the church."


Personal Review: I think this is a very serious episode and educational. It makes you want to learn about the USA's past, with humor in parts to keep it interesting. I love this episode.

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