"Rebel Without a Clue"

Leap Date:

September 1, 1958

Episode Adopted by: R. Joy Helvie
Corrective info provided by: Steve Adams


Leaping into the "Gang Clown" of a biker gang on the road, Sam must prevent the stabbing of the gang leaders' girlfriend, who Sam  believes does not belong on the open road and must be set free. A visit to Jack Kerouac, a famous American writer, might help matters...


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BROADCAST DATE: November 30, 1990

PLACE: One hour south of Big Sur, California

DATE: September 1, 1958

LEAPEE: Shane "Funny Bone" Thomas


"Jailhouse Rock" -- Elvis Presley

"The Great Pretender" -- Freddie Mercury

"Be-bop-a-lu-lu" -- Gene Vincent (?)


Sam meets and talks to Jack Kerouac; Kerouac in turn unwittingly helps Sam finish his Leap.


**Sam doesn't know how to ride a 'cycle.

**Sam tells Ernie that he lost someone, but got him back; he is likely referring to saving Tom--which means he remembers it during this Leap.


**Al knows tons about bikes; his "first car" was a bike. It was a '48 Harley Knucklehead.

**Jack Kerouac's writings--especially "On The Road"--changed Al's life. Al talks about how during 1958--his Plebe year at Annapolis--Kerouac gave a reading at St. John's College. Al and some of his friends went to the reading, and afterward they all partied into the night with Kerouac.


1) red dress shirt with black triangular design along the button line

    black slacks with sparkly, starrish white dot design

    brown belt with silver buckle

    black bolo tie

2) white dress shirt

    dark navy blue slacks

    black belt

    weird silver clip on collar

    maroon and navy blue mottled vest with white buttons

    white shoes

    silver wristwatch


Al briefly mentions the girls he would ride with way back when.


Teddy Wilson also played Jimmy Grady in "Pool Hall Blues"


I like this episode because it has some great dialogue between Scott and Dean. Also, it deals a lot with Jack Kerouac, and knowing that Dean was a beatnik, I'm sure this episode held some nice meaning to him as well.


SAM: Don't tell me you were a biker, too?

AL: Uh, well, my first car was a bike. I had a '49 Harley Knucklehead.

SAM: Named after you?

AL: I'll pretend you didn't say that.


SAM: Is there anything you *haven't* done, Al?

AL: Well, there's one thing that's impossible to do on a bike.


I love it when Al is talking to Sam about "On The Road". It really feels that it was more of Dean talking rather than Al.


In Sci-Fi Channel's syndicut of the episode, they showed the first two guest cast names at the beginning, then cut out all the other opening credits! I had to search IMDB and the Internet to find all the other guest cast names and who wrote & directed the episode!

Diedrich Bader's first name is spelled "Dietrich" in the opening credits.


JACK KEROUAC: On the wheel of life, we all go around. We are many people (looks at Sam) at many times.


**Diedrich Bader went on to become most famous for his role as Oswald on "The Drew Carey Show".

**Josie Bissett was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1996. She played Jane Mancini on the popular show "Melrose Place".


Teddy Wilson, who played "Ernie Tyler", passed on in Los Angeles on July 21, 1991 from AIDS.


Becky: Josie Bissett

Dillon: Dietrich (Diedrich) Bader

Ernie Tyler: Teddy Wilson

Mad Dog: Mark Boone Junior

Jack Kerouac: Michael Bryan French

Shane Thomas (mirror): Kristopher Logan

Biker: Joshua Cadman


Executive Producer:

Donald P. Bellisario



Randy Holland & Paul Brown


Nick Harding & Paul Brown


James Whitmore, Jr.


Mike Post


Music By:

Velton Ray Bunch


Edited By:

Robert E. Pew


Director of Photography:

Bradley B. Sik A.S.C.


Associate Producer:

James S. Giritlian


Unit Production Manager:

Ron Grow


1st Assistant Director:

Ryan Gordon


2nd Assistant Director:

Rob Mendel


Executive Story Editor:

Tommy Thompson


Production Designer:

Cameron Birnie


Casting By:

Ellen Lubin Sanitsky


Set Director:

Robert L. Zilliox



Jean-Pierre Dorleac


Costume Supervisors:

David Rawley

Donna Roberts-Orme


Sound Mixer:

Mark Hopkins McNabb


Stunt Coordinator:

Diamond Farnsworth


Supervising Sound Editor:

Paul Clay


Music Editor:

Donald Woods


Panaflex camera and lenses by PANAVISION

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