"Southern Comforts"

Leap Date:

August 4, 1961

Episode adopted by: Rebekka E.


In a New Orleans brothel as the head honcho, Sam leaps in to keep one of the girls who doesn't seem to belong there from vanishing. Al has the time of his life during this leap.


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Place: New Orleans

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Gilbert LaBonte

Leap Date: August 4, 1961

Broadcast Date: April 3, 1991

"Oh When the Saints" "Bottles of beer on the wall"

Project Trivia:
Sam says that Ziggy always gives bad news. Ziggy is a he.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
The alternate title of this episode is Love for Sale.

Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
The first outfit Al wears is a purple suit with a striped tie and tie clip, with a white shirt, and a fish pin. The second outfit Al wears is red pants, a red jacket with black sleeves and black stripe down the back, a shiny grey tie, and a white shirt with different spots of color.

Writers: Tommy Thompson

Director: Chris Ruppenthal

Producers: Chris Ruppenthal

Regular Cast: Scott Backula, Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars:
Rita Taggart (Marsha), David Graf (Sheriff Nolan), Georgia Emelin (Gina), Dan Butler (Jake Dorleac), Lauren Tom (Sophie), Minnie Summers Lindsey (Prostitute #1), Diane Delano (Prostiture #2), David Powledge (Luther), Warren Sylvester (Walter), J. Marvin Campbell (Sailor), Stacey Cortez (Paulette), Monica McMurty (Abby), Jeffrey Concklin (Reese), David Alan Graf (Carl), Richard White (Gilbert LaBonte)

Guest Cast Notes:
Lauren Tom played Julie on Friends. Rita Taggart played Ruthanne on Coach. Dan Butler played Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe on Frasier and Coach Ambros on American Dreams. David Graf played Officer Tacklebury on Police Academy. Diane Delano played Bobbi Glass on Popular and Stella Willis on ER.

Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Dan Butler appears in the episode Mirror Image as "Mutta."

Best Line:
"No, Sam don’t leap yet, no!"

Best Scene:
The best scene is near the end of the episode when they take the graduation photo. Jake is kissed by Sophie and they take a picture of him with her and threaten to expose the picture to the board of directors at his school.

Quotable Quotes:
"Put on your smiles."

"That is one of the saddest things I have ever seen."

"If it goes off, it won’t be no accident."

"Stir my gumbo."

"I think she’s as lost here as I am."

"Because she’s my wife!"

"Don’t make me arrest you."

"Don’t hit him Sam."

"I wish there was some way we could get that S.O.B."

"I can’t run forever."

"The only way to make a new start is to meet new people."

Personal Review:
This episode is ok. It is very funny. The episode deals with something very serious, wife beating. They have tried to lighten the mood with a little humor. The episode shows how bad things can happen to any person no matter who they are or what they do.

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