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A Hot Rodette 11-03-2002 01:42 PM

Calling Out The Rod
Hey Girls,

Hows about this for a Poll?

Do We Wanna See The Rod Unmasked?

After all, he was asking for our bikini shots! Robyn X, You with us?



gelfling1220 11-03-2002 06:01 PM

:lol Sorry to disappoint ya, Rodette, but given all the trouble and nagging we went through just to have him give us that masked photo, I'm not too sure you'll get what you want!

Then again... Mister Rod may just surprise us... ;)

QLDiehard 11-04-2002 09:44 AM

The Rod Unmasked!

Although it would be interesting to see what's under that scarf (or maybe not?), I think a little mystery is a good thing.

I personally would like The Rod to remain the riddle that he is.

Later Leapers!


DBS Producer Aurora 11-05-2002 11:24 AM

Re: The Rod Unmasked!
I agree with you MJ.... if the Rod wants people to know who he is, he'll come out from behind that mask.

*chuckle* Although... he might be so ugly that it might ruin the mystery!


A Hot Rodette 11-06-2002 01:32 PM

The Mystery of The Rod enhances him, but, wouldn't ya'll just LOVE to see who he really is?

Maybe he is Scott, or Dean, or hey, he seems fixated on Donald Bellisario. Perhaps thats who he is?

On the other hand, pehaps he is a really sexy dude!

Come on gals, we can convince him!!


ziggysego 11-06-2002 01:34 PM

Re: The Rod Unmasked!
Hi there The Hot Rodette

I would hate to see The Hot Rod unmasked. It gives an air of mystery when he logs onto the board and leaves a message. For all we know, it could be someone we know!! For instance, I remember The Hot Rod telling us over at Rodvision that once he saw someone in his office at work on the Internet reading Rodvision unawares that He was Rod!!!

Could you have been that person in The Hot Rod's office?

Leap On!

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tina_als_girl 11-06-2002 03:34 PM

Re: re
A Hot Rodette wrote: Maybe he is Scott, or Dean, or hey, he seems fixated on Donald Bellisario. Perhaps thats who he is?

Hmmm... I don't think it's Scott, as Scott has mentioned many times over the years that he rarely uses the Internet.

Dean on the other hand. Dean's so quirky, that yeah, I can see him doing something like this. Or maybe Austin and Sophia, trying to get some kicks on the 'Net.

I think the best candidate of the three names you presented is Don Bellisario. He have heard that he would talk to fans over the 'Net a long while back. He could possibly be on here in disguise to see how interested we are. Maybe that's why he's still in negotiations with Sci-Fi, 'cause he knows how much we want his involvement, so he's gonna fight for it with all he's got.

But, The Rod could simply be a dedicated Leaper who's imagination is the best I've encountered. Heck, he could even be my neighbor, for all I know.


The LatDude 11-07-2002 01:24 PM

The Rod
I agree with tina_als_girl. The Rod could be anybody.

Also, ladies, puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!
If the rod was in the least bit interested in unmasking, he would have done so.
ziggy the ego, you are right, it was Rodvision:

"Last week, The Rod was onsite dealing with a server problem and a couple of PC failures, when He spotted one of the customers READING Rodvision!!!!!"

By the way, where IS The Rod? he hasnt posted in ages.


QLDiehard 11-09-2002 10:07 AM

Where is The Rod?
I was wondering the same thing? It's unlike The Rod not to comment. Especially when he is the subject.

Joy -- since you've been working with Al The Bartender on this website, do you have any inside information on who The Rod is?

I think I might have an idea, unfortuantely it doesn't make me happy, because as I stated before I like the mystery.

The LatDude 11-09-2002 10:13 AM


Do you have any idea as to his identity? You don't sound as if you like the idea of who you have in mind. You don't think he is a troll or something do you?


tina_als_girl 11-09-2002 01:22 PM

I think what QLDiehard meant, at least what *I* took it as, was that s/he wants to keep the identity of The Rod a mystery to her/himself and doesn't like the idea of having a guess as to who Rod is.

No, I don't have ANY idea who Rod really is. I could make several guesses, but they would be unfounded. I don't even know if *Brian* knows who Rod is.


QLRobynX 11-09-2002 03:44 PM

Calling Out The Rod....
Well, I don't know about calling out the Rod and unmasking him. He was masked from the beginning. And, a mystery is a mystery. I don't see why he should un-mask. Maybe one of these days he will...

Oh, don't ask me who he is. I have no idea! Honest. It's as much a mystery to me who he is as it is to you.

Later gators!

Keeping the leap going...

tina_als_girl 11-09-2002 04:01 PM

Re: Calling Out The Rod....
I have a feeling that Rod is the only person on this board who knows for SURE who he really is... :D

I would love for him to remain masked. It gives a nice aura to him. In fact, he expressed concern about whether or not he would be able to go to the convention, because he was worried about being unmasked. I told him that perhaps he could dress up as the Midnight Marauder--it would keep him masked, and keep him in theme with QL! :D


mstalanon 11-09-2002 08:35 PM

Re: Calling Out The Rod....
nah, he can't be the midnight maurader... for that would show his lower half of his face. We could extrapolate the details from his original picture by combining the two!!!


QLDiehard 11-11-2002 10:07 AM

RE: callling out The Rod!
Sorry I started this little discussion and then was gone for a day or so.

Joy - your right, I only have a guess, don't know anything for certain. Like you my guess is only based on speculation. I will be keeping it to myself and trying to forget it actually. "I WANT THE ROD TO STAY MASKED" Didn't mean to shout there, but I wanted to state my opinion.

We need the mystery. Just like in QL where we are left wondering what or who is guiding Sam's leaps G/F/T/W. If we really knew, wouldn't that be kindof a let down?

About the convention (as I've posted before I most likely wouldn't be able to physically attend, would love to attend via the internet though) I think it could be worked out some how for The Rod to "make an appearance" via video conferencing. If you tape it, he could even be there and no one would know it.

Later Leapers!


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