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John64 08-18-2018 03:13 PM

Quantum leap the beginning again? Part 1
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Quantum leap the beginning again?

The beginning again?

As Sam quantum leaps he is washed all over by bright blue light and as he travels through a ocean of time and star light he feels himself landing but where? And who will he leap into this time?

As the leap finally fades away Sam finds himself in a normal looking office and he is sat on a office chair just wearing normal business clothes with a table in front of him and Sam gets up from the leather chair and looks at himself in a mirror on the near by wall to his amazement he sees....

His own face looking back at him from the looking glass much younger face but there is no doubt Sam was himself again.

He says outloud

"oh boy!"

Al walking back into the control room he taps into the handlink and says to ziggy up above him

"do we have a lock on Sam yet?"

Ziggy replys "Dr beckett is not a leaper...."

Al looking confused "what do you mean ziggy? Wheres Sam?"

"Dr, Dr, Dr beckett, beckett, beckett....... Error, error 500" and her voice dies away

"gooshie wants wrong with ziggy?"

"we are not sure admiral but we are still completing a check on ziggy we should have some data soon admiral."

"OK good where has sam landed?"

Gooshie replying "I am just finishing the trace it won't be long now" the date appears in front of gooshie and after reading the data gooshie looks up from the display and says

"that's can't be right.... Let's do it again"

Again with the same result

"what's wrong gooshie?"

Gooshie looks up from the time machine and says to Al with a worried look on his face

"if these readings are correct admiral Sam has leaped right here in new Mexico a month before his first ever quantum leap and he has leaped into himself......"

Al turns away from gooshie just for a moment and says

"oh boy!"

Sam was in aww of his reflection and kept saying to himself

"it's me, it's me"

The door to his office opened suddenly and in the door way was a much younger version of Al.

Sam turns and says

"Al! Al! It's you!"

And hugs him and says thinking out loud

"you're not a hologram it's real, you, you"

Al just looks back at him looking confused saying

"of course it's me Sam am not that wasted? I think I should give you a few minutes to relax"

Al stops hugging Sam and leaves the room

Sam looks around the lonely office just seeing piles of paper work every where and says to himself outloud

"am back and am home!"

Smiling to himself feeling really, Really happy.

The imaging chamber doors opens on the other side of the room and Al appears in his admiral uniform and hat and after a few taps again the door closes behind Al.

Sam races to Al and says

"Al am back this is amazing.... But I must be in the past because I have just seen you, you real you"

"what do you mean real me I am real me I just can't help being a hologram from time to time "

"I know sorry.... But am back and am staying this time there is going to be no more quantum leaping OK. This time I am in the right time and finally in the right body again."

"listen to me sam this is dangerous this isn't your time not really and ziggy we can't get much sense out of her at the moment. And we don't know why you're here yet? This leap is very strange Sam by rights you shouldn't even be here"

"how about God or time or who ever trapped me in time is finally giving me a holiday or some time off as a reward"

"a holiday? Well that might be true but I think it's unlikely sam"

"Sam remember you can't go changing your own direct past here it's very important you do everything as you did before"


"good at least we both agree on something"

"what's today's date Al?"

Al taps into the handlink with the device flashing red, yellow and green

"it's 1995 Sam and I don't have to really tell you, you are you on this leap this time and it's one month before you took your first quantum leap"

"that's close"

"yes too close for my liking. OK I am going to go back sam to try and get more info from ziggy but in the meantime no changing history OK?"

Sam nods in agreement

Al says "good" and after a few more taps of the handlink Al was gone.

Sam opens his own office door with his name engraved on it.

He smiles from looking at the engravment saying "it's mine not a strangers anymore its mine"

And he says to himself

"I have a second chance" he looks up as if looking to God and says out loud

"thank you"

End of part 1

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