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TVNewsCam 12-19-2012 05:58 AM

A Twist In Time (Crossover)
I started writing this epic crossover fic 11 years ago, and then got stuck with a massive amount of writer's block. A few freaky things happened to me this past summer that was kind of my kick in the butt to start writing for it again, although I'm now afraid I've gotten another dose of writer's block once more.

The reason why I say that it's an epic is the fact that, at the moment, it's currently over 220 pages, and it's still not even close to being done!

I've got the story up in two places, although there may need to be some editing to chapters that are already up before I end up continuing the story.

You can find the fic and comment on it at:

Or if you want to see it with a graphical cover, character page (especially helpful if you're not familiar with the other series), and graphical dividers within each section, you can check out:

I'd definitely love to hear some feedback on this, or perhaps get some beta readers for areas where I'm struggling with it.

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