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QL Damsel 01-14-2007 03:35 PM

1325 Stepping Into A Slide Zone I
Stepping Into A Slide Zone I

Various Times
Various Places

Sam Beckett isn’t the only Beckett to have to fix things. Tom is forced to address several issues in these episodes.

Written by: Katherine Freymuth, Helen Gerhard and Tom Nicklis

Thanks for reading,
The Quantum Leap Team

QL Damsel 01-14-2007 03:35 PM

Our rating system this season consists of a possible of 10 raters ! We took the average of six raters and came up with an average for that episode. Based on ratings of 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, the average of this episode was: 9.2

The first six raters are the ones that will appear on the site here. Please be aware that some reviews may contain spoilers! Some of the comments given were:

Vince Beckett:

This is a great story. It's sad that Al died, but it's quite interesting seeing Tom leaping and finding out the truth. Maybe if Al comes back, the two of them can resolve their differences.




My compliments to this trio of authors for a well-written story. While it had a lot of harsh emotional moments, nonetheless, there wasn’t a “hitch or glitch” anywhere in it. This story clearly demonstrates that the “nasty, bumpy ride” I alluded to in my review of “Full And Open” is well and truly under way. It has also secured Tom Beckett’s designation for me, from this point forward, as "persona non grata", permanently. I don't like him. Period.

Still, all in all, this was a very good story. Well done.




So far, it's a good story. I'm interested in seeing what Tom is going to do now. It's not right how he's been acting. Now, he can see what he's done.



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The Virtual Seasons Team

Leaper81 04-16-2007 09:51 PM

This story, first of all, is very well written. The descriptions are very clear and stand out, helping me visualize what's happening with much ease. That being said, I honestly feel that Tom was a bit over the top in the sense of his disagreement with Al. However, because the Bartender pointed this fact out, it helps me understand why. The rules regarding Tom's Leaping was original, a nice twist on the rules which were already established in the original series.

Overall, while the story itself is very well written, the substance in the story did not set well with me. To see Al absent from PQL (again) made it a bit difficult for me to enjoy the story. Don't get me wrong, it was NOT a waste of my's just that with Al's absence and Tom taking charge it didn't feel much like QL to me.

asearcher 04-16-2007 10:17 PM

Keep In Mind...
This was Part 1...Part 2 is coming up and hopefully you'll enjoy how these somewhat "over the top" representations are addressed. Sometimes there is a reason and you have to go with the ride before you see the whys and wherefores.

Keep in mind that these series of stories have been a "mini-plot" in the bigger part of QL. It's like being on "Space Mountain" in Disneyland. Riding a roller coaster in the dark may not allow you to see the twists and turns and certainly is disconcerting to some extent during the ride. But many get back in line again (although subsequent rides seem never to be as good as the maiden voyage)?

Just bear with us for one more week...I'd love to hear your assessment (and anyone elses) then as well.

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