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Sam Beckett Fan 03-07-2006 03:51 PM

Small Ql reference in Step by Step
i just saw this a few seconds ago. Dana has a college interview and she's led in by the Dean of Admissions and they both take a seat at his desk, and she looks at his name tag sitting on his desk (or at least thats what i think shes looking at but the camera does not really show), and says "Dean Stockwell?"
and he responds by saying something about Quantum Leap Jumps, but i unfortuantly did not catch the whole line becasue he talks kinda fast, and she says she wouldnt know cuz she doesnt watch much tv.

QLEAP 03-08-2006 09:50 PM

LOL! Hey! I remember that! I lmbo when I heard that line..I can't remember exactly the rest of it either but I do remember the name plate that said Dean Stockwell on it..giggle

laestrella 04-27-2006 07:14 PM

re: small ql reference/step by step
I remember that too, since most of my "friend"s the next day said, "Oh, so Quantum Leap doesn' t exist only in your mind, it's really true." Then, they still proceeded to continue to chastise me. John Glennon was the only true friend who understood my fascination with Quantum Leap. I had to explain the final season to him, being we were only 12 at the time of its untimely demise. (He always told me I was smart like Sam, and again it resonates true when a future mathematics and physics told me, "you're brillant but lazy in all sciences.") I somehow after he and his mom moved, lost track of him the last 13 years. Miss him lots. I was like that character Dana, come to think of it.

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