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Default 102 Star-Crossed

June 15, 1972

Lawrence College, Marion, Ohio

Sam leaps into Dr. Gerald Bryant, an English teacher who is having a fling with a student named Jamie.

Sam meets the woman who stood him up at the altar?Donna Elesee, but she has not yet met him in the future. Al tells Sam he is there to keep Dr. Bryant and Jamie Lee apart, but Sam thinks he is there to get another chance with Donna. He believes that if he can get Donna back together with her father, that she may marry Sam after all. But Al warns that she might marry the first guy she was engaged to instead, if he pulls it off.

While conflicting with Oscar, the boy wrestler who is in love with Jamie Lee...Sam, Donna, Oscar, and Jamie Lee all head to Washington to reunite Donna and her father at the Watergate hotel.

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: Mark Sobel

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