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Originally Posted by MikeKraken View Post
Now that the convention is over (and what a blast it was!), I spent the past couple of hours re-watching "Genesis" and "Star-Crossed". Not really going to go into too many details about the pros and cons of the episode, but I did want to mention a blooper:

When Sam looks at the college ID for Bryant, it lists his address as 12 Beodry Lane (Marion, OH). Later on when Sam is sending Jamie-Lee off (only to return "when the moon crests over the towers of Camelot"), the number on the house is 314.

... Mike.
My, what sharp eyes you have!
In true DB PCR tradition, my rationalisation would be that 314 is the number on his rooms 'on campus', whereas 12 Beodry Lane is his 'home' address, where he spends the holidays. Will that do?

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