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Default Thanks for the videos!

I was just looking at the videos section, and apparently it's been a while since I looked at them, because there are tons of new additions! In particular, I have wanted to see the "Dracula" advertisement again for a long time. And I had never seen the Willard Scott ad! That was great! I also loved seeing the "Wednesday" advertisement again, the one where Sam keeps seeing different people in the mirror. (And two of the reflections are people he's never been on the show!)

Also great to see the Season 2 saga sell with the male voice, and the Deborah Pratt saga sell with the different music.

So thanks to Brian or whoever else is responsible for uploading all of these!

One question, though. The one listed as the "final episode opening theme" is just simply the same as the Season 3 theme, correct? Wouldn't it make more sense to list it as that?
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