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Originally Posted by EmmaCMF
You have to buy Ulead Movie Studio. It costs about $70, and you can download a trial here: To be honest, version 10 hasn't changed all that much since the version I have, 8, so it might be worth looking in the bargain bins at local computer stores to see if you can find previous versions on sale.
I don't know about the States, but here in England versions of things like Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop and such like which are 2-3 versions behind the latest are sometimes given away as complete programs on cover cds on computer magazines. Ulead Movie Studio sounds like the sort of thing that may well come under the same category. The cover price of these mags may be 5-10 pounds (or dollars) but that still beats $70 purchase price.

Cover cds mostly just feature trial software, but as I said, once in a while an earlier version of an application is included in its entirety. It can't hurt to keep your eyes open.

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