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A Hot Rodette wrote: Maybe he is Scott, or Dean, or hey, he seems fixated on Donald Bellisario. Perhaps thats who he is?

Hmmm... I don't think it's Scott, as Scott has mentioned many times over the years that he rarely uses the Internet.

Dean on the other hand. Dean's so quirky, that yeah, I can see him doing something like this. Or maybe Austin and Sophia, trying to get some kicks on the 'Net.

I think the best candidate of the three names you presented is Don Bellisario. He have heard that he would talk to fans over the 'Net a long while back. He could possibly be on here in disguise to see how interested we are. Maybe that's why he's still in negotiations with Sci-Fi, 'cause he knows how much we want his involvement, so he's gonna fight for it with all he's got.

But, The Rod could simply be a dedicated Leaper who's imagination is the best I've encountered. Heck, he could even be my neighbor, for all I know.

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