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Default RE: callling out The Rod!

Sorry I started this little discussion and then was gone for a day or so.

Joy - your right, I only have a guess, don't know anything for certain. Like you my guess is only based on speculation. I will be keeping it to myself and trying to forget it actually. "I WANT THE ROD TO STAY MASKED" Didn't mean to shout there, but I wanted to state my opinion.

We need the mystery. Just like in QL where we are left wondering what or who is guiding Sam's leaps G/F/T/W. If we really knew, wouldn't that be kindof a let down?

About the convention (as I've posted before I most likely wouldn't be able to physically attend, would love to attend via the internet though) I think it could be worked out some how for The Rod to "make an appearance" via video conferencing. If you tape it, he could even be there and no one would know it.

Later Leapers!

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