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Basically, think of it this way: the world as we know it today exists because of all of the good that Sam has done. We are living in an altered timeline, not the original one. So, in the case with "Lee Harvey Oswald," John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis were both shot and killed by Oswald. Al obviously remembered because this is the history he lived through the first time around, whereas Sam didn't remember due to the Swiss-cheese effect. There are probably two reasons why it never occurred to Al that Sam was there to save Jackie. One: JFK was the main target; his assassination had a huge impact on the world at a time when we were at war. Plus, stopping Oswald would have automatically saved both of them. Two: revealing that Jackie was still alive in Al's time would have spoiled the "surprise ending," which had been advertised in the NBC promos. Up until that point in the series, we as the viewers didn't know that the time travel theory of the series worked that way.

That's why then in later episodes, like "Goodbye Norma Jean," for example, they started off by saying that Marilyn Monroe had died of a drug/alcohol overdose in 1960, when anyone who knows a lot about her knows that she actually died on August 5, 1962. Once Sam changed history, she was able to complete her last film, The Misfits, before she then died later in 1962. That was how the producers of the show were able to get around the "no changing real-life history" rule.

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