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Originally Posted by Samantha_Beckett
Haha, you and I are playing with that one on another thread I believe.

Just out of curiosity, I was checking my PS2 (which is doubling for my DVD player since Alia/Lothos/Hal or whoever killed mine) and I was able to set mine to region 2. Couldn't I, in theory, buy the region 2 dvds, and watch them on my PS2 with the region 2 setting?

Samantha Beckett
Hey, may I ask how you were able to do this? I rely on a PlayStation 2 as my DVD player as well and wanted to convert the regions on it. I know only the earlier versions of the PS2 are hackable, though. My version's serial number is SCPH 30001 R. Any chance yours is the same version? The serial number is on the back of the machine.
- Chris
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