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Originally Posted by ladystoneheart View Post
Speaking of time travel,there is a movie called "Timecrimes".It is one of the best time travel movie I have ever seen.It has a very dark tone,though.
Great! Never heard about that movie, but I'm gonna look for it, thanks!

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
This sounds interesting and though I haven't read him outside of school, I have enjoyed quite a few of Stephan King's film/series adaptions. Actually in another series adapted from his work 'The Dead Zone' the main character, a gentlemen who was in a car accident which put him in a coma for six years and wakes up psychic in a great deal of episodes has visions of events to come and is determined to prevent them. For example, in one episode an upcoming wrinkle removal product is going to cause an epidemic of fatal birth defects.
It has a more focused plot though that is built up throughout the entire series.
Have you seen the original movie from the 1980's with Christopher Walken? That's adapted more directly from the SK source. I've actually never seen the series, but maybe someday I'll give them a try. But the movie with Walken, the first time I saw it, I kept wondering if Bellisario got inspired by it, just a little bit, perhaps, to create Quantum Leap. Instead of psychic powers, Ziggy and time-travel. In the movie and in the book, they call "The Dead Zone" the ability to change the outcome. Johnny sees the future, the past and the present and something bad happening in them, and based on that he can save people by changing it, but there's always something missing from his visions, the alternate result, meaning "The Dead Zone". Even when he does not time-travel himself, his visions sort of do and he saves people, so it reminded me a lot of QL.

Another movie that kind of reminds me of QL is "The Butterfly Effect". I thought it was just an average work. Great idea but they didn't manage to handle it very well, in my opinion.
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