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Honestly I am disappointed that this is the same author who wrote the amazing Mirror's Edge. It doesn't even seem so as the writing is just so different, much sloppier.

The project story with the Keller woman wasn't exactly believable. Though the character herself and her assumably real relationship with Sam despite the marriage being a lie provided an interesting possibility it just seemed a bit over the top, honestly I'm not sure I even understood her motive.
Though the portrayal of Donna and Al's relationship with her in response to the situation is something I must feel some sentiment for as it's pretty much exactly how I used to write her back in around 2009 when my bestie and I essentially RPed QL. Most of said portrayals I now find ridiculous and I'm about half and half about Davis' version.

What bothered me the most the portrayal of Sam, it was just...horrible.
While reading the flashback scene of how he met and first proposed to Donna I I wasn't reading a Quantum Leap novel, the character just wasn't Sam to me.
The notion that he'd met and picked her up in a bar is clear evidence of someone who doesn't know the show or the character which is why it bothers me so much that it's this particular author. Mirror's Edge shows otherwise which perhaps is her improvement after receiving similar criticisms from professionals. Mirror's Edge was after all the last published novel in the series and thus this came first. If so it was a massive improvement from this junk. So good on her.

MichelleD, Sam did not meet Donna in College, the Star Crossed episode clearly shows this. She was a student at Lawrence at the time of the leap, Sam as is clearly pointed out more than once throughout the series went to MIT and since this was before she'd even met the first guy she was engaged to this was at least a good five years before she met Sam.
He met her at Star Bright I somehow thought. Does he mention that to Al perhaps in Star Crossed?

Then the entire thing where he slept with her the same night and proposed to her the next morning was the only plausible scene since Sam has revealed in I believe it was Hurricane that he'd marry the right woman after a couple of hours. It however still didn't feel like Sam to me, somehow it still didn't deliver to me. It seemed more like an Al one night stand thing.

His shyness around Donna was also heavily exaggerated. We're supposed to believe that Donna is the love of his life though The Leap Back was not able to back that up in their less than 45 minutes screen time. So he would be a lot more open with her than with everyone else.

Some amusing angles however was how Sam ended up solving the project's issue with Keller woman himself AS WELL AS completing his leap all in one action and how Weitzman's daughter had a crush on Sam. XD

Speaking of Weitzman, the angle that he secretly had a leap he was hoping for was quite interesting but she didn't clarify the details at all.

So no it wasn't the best novel in the series.

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