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I watched this ep for the first time last night, and I was totally stunned because although I'd heard the words "cuban missile crisis" before I had absolutely no idea about it at all, probably due to my age and my location, I can't beleive that people were that afraid, not becuase I think the fear was unjustified, but because I get the idea it was justified. How amazingly awful for the poeple this episodes represents and I guess, really it represents all those who currently live in fear of an attack as well. It really makes you realise what living with such intense fear can do to you.

I really loved the way Al defended the advertising about popping under a picnic blanket in the event of a nuclear war, "it makes them feel like they have some control over the uncontrolable" I think thats what he said anyway. I love Al, he's just such a wise little bloke.

I agree with Dman176, that I also was afraid during Reagan/Cold war era, despite the fact that I lived in a very unimportant city on the unimportant side of Australia, I was convinced a Nuclear bomb was going to come and fly through my window. I think this is because they kept showing us movies at school about what a nuclear war would do to us. When we were in year 8 (13yo) our English teacher showed us this BBC doco that had been made in the early 60's and BANNED because it was so realistic and terrifying, but he'd managed to get a copy and was going to share it with 'lucky us' I remember when it was over, we all got up and left, none of us said a word, even the smartarses, and we all stood outside and just looked at each other, most of us crying.... it was surreal. It had a huge impact on me for years to come I hadn't thought about that for a long time but I did after watching nuclear family.

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