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Originally Posted by ris768 View Post
I was at both the LeapBack and LFCC and I can tell you that I was disappointed with my autograph and photo meet at LFCC. I was really unhappy with my Sunday "professional" photo, paid the 25 pounds and got the worse photo thank goodness the Saturday photo was a decent one. During the talk was a different story as he did sing Happy Birthday to me, but I am so grateful for the LeapBack con that I have better memories from the autograph meet.

I'm just glad there were other celebs to meet at LFCC, I had a great chat with Dominic Keating and got a kiss from Peter Fracinelli during the Twilight talk. It was these guys that made the LFCC worth the trip from Australia. I wouldn't say Scott was a jerk, I would say it was the conditions enforced on him and the volunteers around him that made him come across as a jerk.
wow - you were the australian laydee who got happy birthday sung to her! kool!

i have been to these autograph conventions before - so i knew that it would a very rushed meet as he would be so popular as he has never done a the UK convention before.

they are told how many they have to sign. if they don't sign as many as should do can moaned at. as the organisation needs to make a certain amount of money.

i was surprised that up until 4:45pm on the first day - he was still doing dedications. i thought that showmasters would have told him to just sign his name and no messages.

so when it was my turn around 4:30pm i expected it to be a few seconds and i would be happy with that.

BUT i was really surprised - that i had a 'mini' chat with him when he signed all my three things. maybe as i wasn't expecting much - i felt that i got a lot out him, much more than i was expecting to. so i came away very happy.

mission accomplished.

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