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I thought of something else in this leap. Sam and Al had said in "A Leap For Lisa" that "Success has nothing to do with leaping". We aren't sure of what Sam's individual missions were in each of his leaps (though we know he changed "history" twice - the first time being to not kill his commanding officer at the bar in Japan, and the second is obviously saving Jackie Kennedy), but what if this leap is the perfect example of success having nothing to do with leaping.

When Sam leapt to Russia, after Sam revealed everything he knew about the U2, Al said "We don't think you told the Russians anything they didn't already know...", and so was told to just do exactly as had been done the first time. Chances are if Sam didn't change anything, he didn't put right the wrong that he was put there to do, but still kept on leaping.

So the question is, what could have been the "wrongs" Sam was sent to put right in each of those leaps?

In his original leap, when Marina had taken Oswald's picture, I think Sam actually did change history. Maybe Oswald had originally beaten her and severely injured her? Sam might have changed that.

Obviously the Japan leap, he stopped Oswald from killing his commanding officer.

The leap where he talked to Bellisario, well that was just odd... Maybe he was there "admitting" to Bellisario that he was indeed a communist, thereby giving him a reason to write the episode?

In Russia, maybe he had actually leapt there to prevent Oswald from giving out any information. Obviously he failed this leap, and so just had to follow what had originally happened so as not to change history in any other (worse) ways.

When he leapt into Oswald about to kill the senator, maybe the leap affected his aim, and in the originally history actually did kill him?

And obviously when he leapt into just before the JFK assassination (or rather, the leap after) he saved Jackie Kennedy...
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