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Yes Excellent point Bexter in their particular situation it would be hard to fight your own fear let alone your children's but it seems like they did not even want to try, like they were satisfied being afraid. Because remember how the mom responded to Sam by asking him if he's been watching the news? If she were really trying than what the news says would not have been so important as oppsed to creating their own news so to speak, as in listening to their own thoughts on the subject and not let the news entirely feed them.

for example I am pathaphobic which means fear of desease and if I see something on the news hypthetically that says that young girls are most prone to heart desease I am going to tell myself
"Ok well I eat right and I excersize, I take care of myself well so there is no reason to worry so much".

So perhaps she should have said how they have a nice bomb shelter and have weapons and are prepared so they should all feel pretty safe because they are doing everything right.

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