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Default How Could Sam Be leaping himself through time?

I know this was asked before, and I may be reinventing the wheel by making this post, but how could Sam be leaping himself through time?

We saw him unable to be retrieved in the first episode when he had almost complete memory lost! If he had control of his destiny then he would of had to go back during his retrieval! He did not at all know who he was let alone the project that leaped him! Everything in his memory that wanted him to fix events in history was lost with his memory, so he should of leaped back when retrieved. Then once he regained his memory, then I believe that Sam would of updated the system somehow so that when he leaped again (as his dream was to be a constant leaper) he would of remembered that he had a mission when he leaped. A smart scientist always learns from mistakes and I know that Sam is one of them! He would of told Al also to not restrict as much information withheld as well!

Sam could of easily leaped back into Tom Stratton from the moment he was retrieved! Another thing that the writers have forgotten that with those in the future at Project Quantum Leap and Sam's journey in the past are in different times! The show seems to show everything happening in Sam's present time and his leap time as happening at the same time! Even when Al goes to get Ziggy working on solutions when Sam is on a leap someplace, whatever time it takes to accomplish that is equivalent to that time away from Sam in the past. Al should return right away being from another time!

So what Al the Bartender told Sam cannot be true! He never really told Sam how he leaped himself, only but why he leaped himself. Then he told him that he had the same responsibility as a Catholic priest has when moving to parish to parish. Apples and oranges the two reasons are I have to say! Priests are ordained and can visit their homes at anytime. I know cause every priest I have had in my church, has had vacation time to go home!

So how really can Sam be in charge of all his leaps? If he had supernatural powers and can leap at will he would of never built Project Quantum Leap, so that rules that theory out.
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