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Both of you may be right! Although, when a priest does go home he is home even though he is still a priest! He can still sit down with his family and go to exotic places, even though he has to say mass at these other places!

As far as the physics of the leapgo, yes it had to be Al the bartender actually moving around Sam. He could read Sam's mind easily to see if Sam was tired of leaping and by saying in Mirror Image "You will only do this as long as you want to" to Sam, he would of returned him back to Project Quantum Leap in his home time.

Or, Al could of been refering to the fact that when Sam did step into the accelerator chamber to perform his first leap, Sam did know the risks then as the project was not yet finnished. It might of been that Sam knew the retrieval program was not yet perfected and because the feds were ready to cancel funding for it, he took the leap back in time anyway regardlessly because he felt that it was the only way to accomplish what he wanted: to change history. Even if it meant staying there till his death! As far as returning home if he wanted to as said by the bartender, I think if Sam wanted badly to return home, he would of pestered Al to have Ziggy work on some scenarios to get that program working. As Al the hologram said in the pilot episode to Sam "Only you have the knowledge to bring you back." I think Al would of broken the cardinal rule and helped Sam remember more so he could run programs by Gooshie to get the retrieval part operating.

How about maybe Sam, sabotaging the retrieval program himself prior to stepping into the accelarator? He could of had the code to access the retrieval hidden like he did for the overide code to get the imaging chamber door open in the Leap Back when he was stuck inside the chamber! I think Sam was smart enough to have a fail safe plan in case it did not work out the way he wanted it to! All is lost with his swissed cheese memory and he did not confide in anyone that was the bad part!
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