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Thanks Scotophor, that's fascinating. Certainly goes a way to explain why, having worked on this project for over a year now, details about props and costumes are still a little scant for me. You've certainly helped fill in some gaps though, that's great!

Originally Posted by Scotophor View Post

There are very few props that were specific to the show. The most obvious, of course, being the various Handlinks that Al used. Owners of three or four of the later "gummi bear" style are known. One hero Handlink is owned by Deborah Pratt, along with Al's neon star pin seen in the pilot and two other early episodes. Dean Stockwell also still has one of the hero Handlinks. Evidence strongly suggests that there were only two hero Handlinks in the gummi bear style, so that accounts for both of them. A photo of one background or stand-in version was posted online by owner Gene Crowell. An extensive photographic study of another background or stand-in gummi bear handlink was posted online by Mike Moore of HMS Creative Productions. Maybe he can tell you who owns it. I believe the first gummi bear handlink shown, from episodes "The Great Spontini" and "The Boogiem*n", was later "redressed" by painting it and adding a piece to make it thicker, as well as installing a motorized armature to the front and a belt clip to the back. This then became the "Gyrograph" prop from the episode "Future Boy". That prop is now also privately owned, but I don't know by whom. The "Wristlink" from "The Leap Back" has been sold at auction at least twice and was recently on display in a sci-fi museum, I believe it is called the EMP Museum (don't know what that stands for). It may still be there.

As far as I'm aware, nothing is publicly known of the fates of any of the earlier "calculator" style handlink props, of which there were at least four versions made.

The "Evil Leaper" observer's handlink has also been sold at auction, so it's out there somewhere.

I read here (link) that some of Al's costumes were in an exhibit hosted by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising museum in 2006. Perhaps someone there can tell you where they might be now. Other costumes from the show would mostly have been mere "period" pieces that wouldn't stand out as being anything very special if, for example, someone came across something in a shop somewhere. So there doesn't seem to be anything publicly known about them.
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