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Greetings Matt,
I'm unsure how to share it with you but I own a bootlegged set of the series as in my anxiousness I'd purchased it (not at the time realizing exactly what it was) prior to the official DVD set release of season 4.

All episodes or at least some appear to be recordings of the original or early airings as I've noticed a few things in particular.
- 'Thou Shalt Not' contains a brief second of a McDonald's commercial and another episode I don't recall which, contains a full A&W commercial.
- The 'MIA' credits included an announcement of the show coming on next (Star Trek, I believe).
- I believe channel logos are present in the corner of the screen in at least some episodes.
- All the original music is intact and I believe 'MIA' contained scenes deleted from the official DVD release. I remember the last time I watched it there were various moments that felt unfamiliar to me and that has always stuck with me.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of the set, all of season 1 and roughly the last half or so of season two have been lost and a disc in season 5 was damaged causing the content to be unwatchable due to constant freezing.
Also, the last disc of season 4 episodes is replacing the equivalent disc in my official set as the official disc was accidentally sent to Netflix several years ago and the episode 'Roberto' has since become unwatchable due to constant freezing but accompanying episodes are fine.
I also favor my bootlegged 'Temptation Eyes' as I can't stand the replacement music.

The image quality is very low but I care not, I greatly value what of the set I still have and miss what of it that I lost (especially 'MIA', I was distraught when I couldn't find it after turning my bedroom upside down), they have sentimental value to me.

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