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Hi all,

A quick status update...:

- Proofreading is progressing well, and we're ironing out all the kinks.
- The Kickstarter page is up in draft form, and will be submitting to KS tomorrow for approval. They take up to three working days to do this, and then I'll be able to provide you with a link next week, to tie in with Sam's birthday!
- The only thing pending for the above is the promo video, where you'll get to see me flapping on about my motivation for the project and my passion for the show.

Once we've got the promotion started, I'll be able to go back to start providing some more extracts, as I'd love you to see a few more pages.

More information and resources keep coming to light, so the book is getting bigger and heavier. No stone is being left un-turned!

All the best,
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