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Originally Posted by SamBeckett94 View Post
Recently, I got my nephew into Quantum Leap. Now, when he gets into something, he'll tend to express how much he likes it through things like art and music. Anyway, he recently recorded the theme to Quantum Leap with his sax, guitar and keyboard (the keyboard covered the vibraphone, string ensemble and piano). Now, he's only fourteen, and the acoustics in the room he recorded in aren't that good for recording (he also used a cheap microphone, so that didn't help), so it does his sound no real justice, but taking all this into consideration, I think he's done great.

Here's the recording:
Quantum Leap

I must admit, I am very impressed by his ear. He's got the whole thing pretty much perfect. Much better than I was at that age.

Anyway, I thought some of you may be interested. It's nice to know that some of the newer generation enjoy the show!
pretty impressive!

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