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Originally Posted by LadyKayoss
This episode offered us insight into Sam's past, something that I've always liked. And we begin to get a better look at just how close Sam and Al are; Al defies the rules to help Sam, even though the Project is under observation.

I don't see why the teacher Sam Leaped into was the object of so much female attention, though... I certainly wouldn't be lusting after a teacher like him.

This episode also kind of creeps me out in a way, too. The girl throwing herself at Sam is named Jamie Lee, and she's attending Lawrence College. Well, my name is Jamie Lee, and I'm from a town called Lawrence. Cue Twilight Zone music.
i agree, my best friend and i like to joke about how Sam sees his host first on his drivers license and then later looks in the mirror and his eyes widen as if to say "Hey, i'm ugly, what happened to the guy on my drivers license" lol.

i also really liked Sam making Donna look in his eyes, every time it makes me wanna say "Sam you dork, shes not gonna know who you are even if she did see you, you leaped in twelve years too early like Al said!" lol. poor Sam.

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