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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
loved it, especially Al's harlarious crack about using tins cans attached to a peice of string to cominacate with Sam, which also shows just how close they are and determined to stay in contect no matter what.
I especially liked that moment as well. There's a moment, just after Al gives his "tin cans on a string" line that Sam looks deeply concerned and heartbroken, putting out his hands in a gesture that seemed like he wanted to take his little buddy up for a strong embrace - and, disappointed, his hands fall back to his sides. Al seemed to understand, and waved off the emotion with an air of nonchalance, worried but not about to show it when he wasn't about to give up on his friend.

*whimper* . . . *hugs Sam and Al*

Originally Posted by Samantha Beckett
Yeah, that was a real sweet scene. I love the sequence when Al pops in the first time and he cant tear himself away from Diane. I love it when Sam is walking down the train hall and goes, "Al? Al? *whistles* Here boy!"
Sweet moments that illustrate their friendship so well. Those little bits of humor and cracks they make towards the other are so light and innocent, it's part of the youthful charm of the show and makes it heartwarming to watch. I just love their friendship so much, and much of it has to do with this kind of camaraderie.

Originally Posted by newleaper
We all know what the real point of this episode was....

To see the dress whites.
Al in dress whites . . . *loses concentration and begins to drool*
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