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Ooh! Now that's an interesting idea. Many different writers have different interpretations of what happened with Thomas Beckett. In my story, I went off one of the novels that suggested he was likely a senator for Indiana now. I gave him two sons, even.

The story I've written, however, dictates a lot of what Tom decides to do regarding the events that take place in my timeline (Al being shot, and Sam being a moron) . . . I believe I've written Tom to be a level headed and honorable man, who respects that Admiral and has a close relationship with Sam after he comes home. When Sam is being hard-headed and guilt-stricken, however, Tom is the one who ends up visiting Al in the hospital.

My idea is that he's not entirely jealous of Al and Sam's friendship, but he didn't understand why Sam hadn't contacted his family in so long and was briefly upset that Al was making excuses. After Sam comes home in my story, and after Tom was given top security clearance for the lower levels of Project Quantum Leap, things were explained and some semblance of understanding occurred.

Then Al got shot and everything sort of went downhill.

But I love Tom. He's a very wonderful character write, especially when he has the opportunity to be the Older Brother for Sam. Very touching and tender in those moments.

. . . but this is just my interpretation.
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