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Despite some things I didn't like here and there, this was a great episode in my opinion. I thought it was an excellent commentary on the Tyranny Of Beauty (OK, I was a bit inspired by Tangerine Dream to say this, haha!). Of course it was very funny and very intense at some point.

Things I disliked...

Sam and Al singing and dancing along with "Cuanta La Gusta" (?). Looked a bit ridiculous, in my opinion, and, for some reason, I don't like that song, but it looks like it was something Tommy Thompson loved. He also used it in "Leaping In Without A Net". Also, Sam and Al say something along the lines thay they had never heard it before, and that was not true. From Sam it's understood, but not from Al. Oh well, little details, haha!

Another thing was what someone mentioned above: Sam telling Al that he wished that Katie was there to see that. Does not make any sense at all. Even Al kinda flinches a bit at this thought.

And the last thing: The character of the woman who is running the contest, don't remember her name right now. She was a bit over-the-top. I couldn't stand her voice, haha!

My favorite part: When Sam was going to throw Mr. Beaumont out the window. Loved that whole scene. Every punch he throws at him, too, and how he says "aw, sorry!" everytime. Oh, delicious! I sounded a bit like Zoey here, hahaha!


My rating: Excellent.
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