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An enjoyable episode this one. Coming off the back of such an excellent episode as The Boogiem*n is always gonna be tough, but Miss Deep South does a good job of providing much needed light relief along with a serious subject matter.

Sam as a woman has never been funnier than in this episode right here. The whole idea of the leap is funny in itself, and the situations Sam finds himself him elevate this episode a great deal. Most funny episodes of the show are just practically allowed to devote themselves to comedy (the season 5 gem, A Tale of Two Sweeties comes to mind), but this episode can't allow itself to do that due to Connie's story. I think it's great seeing how sweet and caring Sam is towards her. And the scene where he dangles Beaumont out of the window and beats him up are really satisfying.

I also think it's interesting how Sam has to actually try and do his best throughout the contest. He's not allowed to coast through due to having to make sure Darlene finishes 3rd. The fact that he ends up actually winning is a tad unbelievable, though. Lol.

Best scene? The Cuanto Le Gusta number with Sam and Al. Absolutely hilarious.

My rating. Good. A solid episode that strikes all the right notes.
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