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Originally Posted by samnal View Post
G4 is showing ALL THE EPISODES with only minor cuts for time--AND THE MUSIC IS COMPLETELY INTACT!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how much longer they will be showing them as the network is changing from G4 to Esquire this month but I have been recording it and am very proud to say I do not own the Region 1 (us) set as I sold it years ago. I have a dvd player that plays the British PAL set so I have them uncut at my fingertips -- what we need to do is convince Universal (sigh) to put 'em out HD like G4 is showing them. YES HD. It's remarkable.
Unfortunately it looks like G4 won't be showing Quantum Leap anymore, at least for now. Apparently Airwolf is being slotted in its place starting this Monday. Hopefully they will bring it back -- they have replaced it before and then started showing it again, so maybe they're just rotating shows right now.
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