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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
I'm not a fan of the Trilogy either. It's true that Sam can become obsessed about both things and people, and we've seen that in episodes like 'Dear Heart' and 'The Curse of Ptah Ho-tep'. So I didn't find the obsessiveness to be too far out of character. But the rest of it, yeah. Frankly I thought young Abigail was guilty of something in the first episode. I realize they were trying to build suspense and make us wonder, but it wasn't done well and she just came across as creepy and mean to me. I couldn't understand how Sam could be so gullible when it came to her.

I also strongly dislike his breakdown scene in the home with her mother in part two -- I know a lot of people love this scene, and I respect that and completely get why they love it. But it's way too over the top for my taste. I prefer storytelling that's more subtle. 'Catch a Falling Star' explored a lot of the same themes but did it better in my opinion.
I completely agree. Catch A Falling Star was amazing compared to this drek. I never understood how both Sam and Al thought she was so sweet and innocent in part 1. The scene where she just appears in the hallway and the "good night daddy!" line was like something out of The Shining. Sweet and innocent? Poor girl? Uh-huh, okay.

I understand your point about Sam's obsessions, but I don't see this as the same thing. Goodnight Dear Heart, a little, as that was a kinda creepy one, too, but not this creepy. I'm not going to argue Sam's motives here, so as not to re-upset myself over something I've managed to push back into the furthest corner of my mind, but I still think it was completely out of character for him. And even when Sam begged Al to help him. To say something to stop him, Al just stared at him and said nothing. Al could have knocked some sense into Sam like he did in Catch a Falling Star, but he didn't even try.

You would think that in three parts, they could have gotten something right, but the story still seemed rushed and wholly unrealistic. They turned a wonderful fun show into something dark and soap operatic. Maybe Deborah was pushing too hard to make this happen. Again, I'm sure there are those who will beg to disagree, but you're not going to change my mind on this. Funny how I feel the need to apologize for abhorring an an episode that, from what I gather, as a whole, the fandom enjoyed? Or am I wrong in assuming this? I just think I was exposed to this at too young an age and I've never fully recovered. Although, I'm not sure I would have approved had I seen it for the first time at age 35, either. :/
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