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Agreed with both of you.
I found the story to be ridiculous and outrageous. The whole thing with the Fuller curse and the nastiness of Lita Aider (while brilliantly performed) was not believable like a badly written fanfiction. A little girl committing murder, come on!? Though she certainly did have a nasty temper given what she did to the other little girl. I also agree with the creepiness of the 'Goodnight Daddy' scene, I found her both child and adult to be completely irritating (which she unfortunately passed on to Sammy Jo). She was a terribly whiny brat at both ages. For example the child 'tell me all the ways you love me' thing was clearly horribly attention seeking.

While we know Sam to be a very compassionate man towards others and Abigail's situation while stupid was probably the most tragic he's ever come across it's not completely clear where the parts of him that weren't Will were getting this obsessive attractiveness to her. My only guess is how if memory serves the young adult abigail resembled in a southern ditz way, Donna. The hair mostly. I also can't help but feel it a little sick since he technically somewhat fathered her as a child. Though I suppose there doesn't have to be a special reason. Of course he is a man with needs like any other, it's not unusual for him to have been so especially attracted to someone including those he encounters on leaps. We've even seen it a few times before, Tamlyn and Diane McBride are two examples.
Mostly I wonder what he saw in such a brat.
Personally I kinda theorize that Sam leaped into Abigail's life not so much for her as for himself. To produce the child who would provide the project with exactly what they needed to set the stepping stone for his path home, a version of his own mind, the mind which created the project. Why Abigail however is beyond me. I think it would have been a lot sweeter if he'd conceived with Tamlyn. Yeah alright, I'm bit of a Samlyn junkie, being a hopeless romantic I adore Temptation Eyes.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
You would think that in three parts, they could have gotten something right, but the story still seemed rushed and wholly unrealistic. They turned a wonderful fun show into something dark and soap operatic. Maybe Deborah was pushing too hard to make this happen. Again, I'm sure there are those who will beg to disagree, but you're not going to change my mind on this. Funny how I feel the need to apologize for abhorring an an episode that, from what I gather, as a whole, the fandom enjoyed? Or am I wrong in assuming this? I just think I was exposed to this at too young an age and I've never fully recovered. Although, I'm not sure I would have approved had I seen it for the first time at age 35, either. :/
Don't ever apologize for expressing your opinions. You have just as much right to your viewpoint as the opposing has to theirs.
Agreed it seems like most of the fandom finds the Trilogy to be this brilliant love story. Personally when I read in my BTS book a tidbit that a lot of fans complained that Sam's relationship with Tamlyn was unfaithful to Donna, it pissed me off. It doesn't appear such a claim was made of Abigail and she was even more so if either were and I don't believe that. This is why I must wonder if a lot of the love for the Trilogy is mostly based on it having made Sam a father.
The comments on it here from you both have actually surprised and brightened me, to know that I am not quite so alone in this particular community in disliking it.
While most of season 5's storylines; the famous leaps and the evil leapers, were the request of the network which graciously took on the show while it was being defeated in the ratings by Full House (and Bellisario was very irritated by it), the trilogy was Pratt's idea. It was who wanted to see Sam in a serious in-leap relationship and regretted reintroducing Donna in The Leap Back. Though I am unsure how much influence she had on the story as a whole, her ideas do tend to get pushed right up against their limits such as the ending she insisted upon adding to Raped where Sam got to beat the **** out of the rapist. My best friend and I felt the destruction of the gazebo in the process was an exaggeration.

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