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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
Just found the first change - watching 'Another Mother' and for some unfathomable reason the saga cell at the start has replaced Deborah Pratt's dulcet tones with a weird male voice!
Weird indeed, my best friend and I do not like that intro. The voice just does not fit and makes no sense. Glad it was only one episode. XD

Also pretty bummed to discover that apparently what I thought I had still retained of my season 2 bootlegs are also missing, including M.I.A. Though somehow I did manage to keep the first disc of the season 1 set.
Unfortunately I partially remember trying to use the first box itself for something else as back then I hadn't known their continued value after buying the US Universals (heck that bootleg set taught me the word 'bootleg' XP). Still, I can't believe I actually threw it out. And what happened to those last two season 2 discs that begun the second box is beyond me.

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