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Watching streaming episodes on Netflix is the way to go. Although a handful of episodes are mysteriously absent ("Disco Inferno" even though it's on the episode list, "Mirror Image" and "Lee Harvey Oswald," to name a few), most of the episodes are there and completely intact.

Not only was the missing music an issue with the DVDs, but there were a number of strange mistakes made on the sets. Episodes like "Jimmy," "Last Dance Before An Execution," "Justice," and "Hurricane" had sound issues going on throughout the entire episodes. Also, the Season 2 opening credit sequence was used for "Play It Again, Seymour." And the Season 3 opening credit sequence was used for "Mirror Image" when it was supposed to be Season 2's.

All of those issues are nonexistent on the streaming Netflix episodes. I remember there being some debate years ago on the Season 1 DVD set as if the Season 2 introduction to "Play It Again, Seymour" was ever actually a mistake. Well, turns out it was. Not to mention that it is common sense that it could never have had that opening since it featured episodes that weren't even shot yet at the time.
- Chris
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