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Article 254:
More on Genesis...

Date: 10/11/1999
From: Lily2

Hi all,

Just thought I'd second some of the thoughts that have been posted lately. The early episodes are incredibly sweet and touching (although, like some of you, "The Leap Home" and "MIA" are two of my favorites too). I also agree that the fifth season, while still definitely good, worked a little too hard for "stunt" leaps and sort of strayed from the focus of the previous four--Sam and Al's wonderful relationship and what Sam was able to accomplish in seemingly ordinary situations.

I am, by the way, 23, so I was just old enough to be allowed to watch QL when it first aired, but my folks didn't like the show a whole lot so I couldn't always watch it. Thank goodness for cable reruns!

Evolution, Baby!

Date: 10/12/1999
From: CVMartin1

I think you hit the nail on the head concerning the fifth season. Also, has anyone else been struck by how the characters evolved so well from the first season while maintaining believe-ability? In Genesis, we learn that Al was ALSO an MIT student. Leaphead, you and the others who joined the bandwagon later- would you ever have guessed? It's a surprise, but even though he played a one-track-minded hedonist, Dean performed so intelligently that it doesn't seem out of place. Have y'all noticed any other surprises?
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