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Thread Heading: MI alt ending available

Date: 07/10/1999
From: GoblinGirl

The alternate ending to Mirror Image is available at this website:

Make sure to get the text transcript (on the page called "multimedia") too, because the .avi file just has a little bit of it.

BTW, look around on that site. It's got a lot of good downloads.


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Thread Heading: Missed Genesis part 1

Date: 07/10/1999
From: bwags

Can anyone help? I stupidly recorded over Friday's show "Genesis part 1" Any ideas on where I could see/rent/buy it? I'd gladly pay a few bucks to get a copt. Thanks for any help and keep leaping.

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Reply 2: Genesis
Date: 07/11/1999
From: kelly714

"Genesis" is available on video and DVD at most video stores. It's also widely available in online video stores (like amazon, etc.). I personally think the powers that be at the SciFi channel should play the entire pilot in its original 2-hour format...good luck and happy hunting!
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