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Article 1064

Date: 01/23/2001
From: goodolemr

Wow, just viewed Shock Theater today? there?s only one thing I can say? man, that?s gotta hurt!

I remember seeing this episode when it first aired, and I remember thinking, ?Sam?s really in trouble this time.?

That is by far, one of Sam?s most difficult leaps. And tomorrow?s episode, where Sam and Al trade places? I love that one?. Although, I must admit that I was a little disappointed that Al?s leaping only lasted one episode.
shock and leap back

Date: 01/23/2001
From: alongtimefan

Thanks very much for your contribution and for joining the team. Together, We will make this happen.

I adored Shock Theatre. As a point of mild interest, I've some professional experience with electroconvulsive therapy (slang is shock therapy). After it's administered, it causes an extended period of confusion. These people need a supportive, quiet environment in which to recover. So, Sam's confusion is realistic and the fact that he was in such a situation is horrendous and tantamount to torture. Made me a bit ill actually to think about it.

Of course, the alternate personality part isn't realistic, but we don't expect realism from Quantum Leap...Just wonderful entertainment....Bellisario needs some creative license, doesn't he?

And, The Leap Back is unforgetable. It is one of my top 5 favorite Quantum's. Like most of the people on this BBoard, I do not (and will not ever) like Donna. She is not worthy of Sam. And, Sam was not married to her when he first started leaping (and so never actually experienced this marriage) so it is entirely unstandable that he did not remember that he was married. Since, he was only married in a reality that he had not participated in...I wish that part had been given more attention, but....I am thankful for whatever we get.


Date: 01/24/2001
From: goodolemr

I have never been so impressed by Donna either, but I don?t hate her. I guess it?s hard to create someone, anyone, who seems worthy for Sam, after watching all his sacrifices, leaping around time. Although, I?m not too worried about that because the show can only have so many themes.

One of them is ?to put right what once went wrong.? The other is the friendship of Al and Sam. A lot of shows focus on what I call the love cliche, where everything about the show is man finding that special lady or visa versa. Usually, that special someone is under his or her nose the whole time. Yadda, yadda, yadda? its been done a million times. I find it refreshing that Quantum Leap focused on the friendship of Al and Sam instead.

That?s why I love Mirror Image so very much. Finally, after all that time, Sam repays his best-friend-in-time for being there for him by telling Beth that he was still alive.


Date: 01/24/2001
From: wishful_dreamer

I am not a doctor, so I am not sure, but I have heard of people having multipul personalities. It is very wierd. One women is like two. They are completly different. They somethings even wear a wig. They have different lovers, and differnet places they go. Niether half knows the other on is there. Isn't that wierd? Just thought I'd say something. I might be wrong, but it was worth a shot, right? Keep Leaping!

The Leap Back... My Absolute Fav!

Date: 01/24/2001
From: tina_als_girl

The first time I saw The Leap Back was... well, one and a half weeks ago, during the marathon. It is my absolute favorite of all QL episodes... even if I haven't seen all of them to be able to say that.

I watched it last Monday... and Tuesday... and Thursday... and Friday... and Saturday... and Sunday... and finally, yesterday.

My mom and sis came in while I was watching it last night, and I got carried away, and I started quoting everything! Except for Ziggy... she talks too fast. And some of Sam's scientific jargon is above and over my head... But, soon, I hope to buy a copy of the script, so I can novelize it. Then I'll be able to brush up on my quoting.

As for Donna, I really didn't like her. I haven't seen the episode when Sam saved his marriage with her, but I do know that it was a different actress. I think that's what was wrong with TLB. I didn't like the actress they chose. She was too... softspoken. Her voice was so soft and light, it just didn't seem right for the character of Donna...

Really, I wish TLB had been a two-hour episode... We could have seen more of the Project, and they could have gotten deeper into the other personnel of the Project, such as Gooshie, Tina, and Verbena. I guess I'm just spoiled from reading a lot of those novels...

I'll post more later... Don't want to miss my bus!

Joy C.
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