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There are a lot of good, valid ideas here.

While it would be great to have a convention every year, its not something that can be planned in advance. Really all that can be done is to plan one reunion. See what the turn out is, and hopefully plan another. Take it one step at a time.

Attending a existing con is great idea. Though I am not San Diego Comic Con is, or at least fits sure this idea. While I am a comics fan and all round genre fan, not every QL fan is. Comic Con seems like a bit of a circus, in a bad way, from what I have seen. Similarly I went to the last two Star Wars celebrations and that was the reaction I had. Too much happing at once so you could not see what you want and too many people.

umm at the same time I would not mind seeing It at least once and I have a brother who lives in San Diego ( yeah I have family everywhere!). So if a large enough group of Leapers were planning on going a certain year, with our own Leap themed plans, I would consider going.

Hmm I am contradicting myself. I guess my point is that the original idea was that many of us will be not going to California anytime soon again. In fact some who have expressed interest in this were not able to go to the convention because of distance and money. So this planned as more a regional event.

Maybe the multiple con thing could happen. With gatherings planned in different cities at the same time. With a internet and conference calls joining the groups together. Almost like a Quantum Leap holiday. Of course with this idea, it would not be limited to United States either. Individuals who can not go to the specific reunion/convention/party locations could still be involved online.

Any of that sound good??? i am making this up as I type! LOL! Actually we could have a trail run for this "International Convention DVD Viewing Day". Once we get all get the DVDs agree to watch them, for the first time or again, on the same day. With online commentary and communicating.

I guess all of this are just ways to keep this little community connected.
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