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This is a retraction of the perspective I saw this episode from what is already expressed here with the exception of this:
I loved how they put in this episode, the charctors seeing something different about Archie. Like how Cissy saw him with green eyes for a second when she could have sworn Archie's were brown or blue I can't remember right now(however now I almost want to pop the episode in now that I am thinking about it), and how the man at the Hurricane Party saw him with Brown hair with one eye and Black with the other, although he can easily be half explained by the fact that he was drunk. This was not the first epsiode they stressed this in eaither. In Genesis when He kissed Peg she put a started hand to her lips and she noticed a difference in her husband's kiss. I wish they would have done more of this though because it's a very interesting concept
It's more obvious to me now that drunkenness, which unbalances the mind is what gave the hurricane party man partial recognition of Sam. This is something that I have recently come to realized was earlier suggested in season 2's Catch a Falling Star (I believe drunken actor John O'Malley gave "Ray" his big debut because he got a glimpse of Sam after being rescued from his "Gerald Ford impression" and freaked out).

The whole Lisa twist was sick and brilliant, particularly the way you never see it coming. While it was obvious that she had not gotten over the break up her unhealthy level of obsession with Archie was well hidden. She was a well developed and surprising character. I have to wonder what had happened to her in the original history when Cissy was killed going after the dog in the storm.

This episode well portrayed Sam's need to save everyone and how his heart tends to be touched by the host's significant other or woman he's involved with in the task. I, though being a hopeless romantic, enjoyed the scenes between him and Cissy.

Tidbit: The house which was the designated hurricane shelter was Unibelle's but at least twice Al says Annabelle.

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