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Another good entry here. This episode is really heartwarming at times. Machiko is such a sweet, cute, lovable character. I feel so sorry for her the way she's treated throughout this episode. Henry (the father of the leapee) is the only other core character (other than Sam and Al) who has sympathy for Machiko. He makes an effort, and that is good to see.

While Dusty is dangerous and downright psychopathic at times, Lenore is more vicious, in my opinion. Dusty and Naomi have twisted reasons for their behaviour, but I don't understand Lenore at all. The backstory we get regarding her daughter and Charlie's sister only seems to emphasise that she's a rotten person in many ways. I'm glad to see a change in her at the very end, but ultimately it kinda comes off as unrealistic. I think that's largely why she doesn't get to say anything before Sam leaps, because the writers couldn't come up with a perfect conclusion, given the abrupt turnaround.

My rating. Good. Overall this is a very enjoyable episode that once again deals with the issues of racism and prejudice.
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